• Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss
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    9 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss

    Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss: Boss is Always Right and this is true. Here are the obvious things you should hold back from saying to your boss, but the key is to dissect the little things in your interactions. Don’t Miss: Funny Memes That’ll Make Every Designer Laugh These Hilarious Client Stories Will Make You Cry With Laughter Designer Illustrates Horrible Clients And Their Ridiculous Requests For Free Work 52 Reasons Not to Date (or Marry) a...

  • 52 More Reasons Not to Date or Marry a Designer
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    52 More Reasons Not to Date or Marry a Designer

    52 More Reasons Not to Date or Marry a Designer: Every individual has their set of good and bad traits. But designers, they have a whole lot of designing traits; traits which otherwise normal people wouldn’t understand. It is difficult to understand the mindset of a designer. Understanding this truth these things to know before you date (or marry) a designer; We had published an earlier version of this article named 52 Reasons Not to Date or Marry a Designer. Designer Says: Designers...

  • 10-Types-of-Graphic-Designers-in-the-World-Which-One-Are-You
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    10 Types of Graphic Designers in the World, Which One Are You?

    Types of Graphic Designers: Like all other artists, graphic designers have distinguished characteristics and interests which are also reflected in their designs. Since every person has varied skills and abilities, a different perspective; these differences exist. There are different types of designers. Some are dreamers, while some have a signature something in all their designs. See: 52 Reasons Not to Date or Marry a Designer. Let us have a look at the funny list we have compiled for you all to...

  • Why-creative-people-are-different-from-others
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    25 Things, Why Creative People Are Different From Others

    Why Creative People Are Different:  There is no argument anymore that creative people are very different from others. What makes creative people different from the rest of us? Neuroscience confirms that creative people think and act differently than the average person. Their brains are literally hardwired in a unique way. Also, read 21 Ways to Unlock Your Creativity If you love a highly creative person, you probably experience moments when it seems like they live in a completely different world than...

  • Reasons Not to Date or Marry a Designer
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    52 Reasons Not to Date or Marry a Designer

    Reasons Not to Date or Marry a Designer: Designers are everywhere. Some girls like them and some girls don’t like them. We’re here to shed some light on why you shouldn’t date a designer. Now, these 52 reasons aren’t facts, they are merely points of reference to laugh about and have fun with.. after all, laughter is an excellent therapy for mind boost. Blow bolded my most obvious weaknesses. Previously we’ve also hosted Before You Date (or Marry) a Designer...

  • Your Personality-Infographic
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    Find Out Your Personality With These Graphics

    Are you more competitive or more relaxed person? If you are highly organised, competitive, very concerned with time management and goal-oriented? You might have a Type A personality. Life Hack has created 8 graphics to find out which type you fall under. Below are 8 graphics for you to find out your personality which one are you more accurately. You may also like : A Short Story of a Graphic Designer The Odd Things to Hear From a Designer, but They Don’t Really Mean...

  • Best team member
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    10 Teamwork Illustrations That Show How Best to Work in a Team

    Teamwork Illustrations: Some people love to work on their own only while some others prefer to do things as part of a team. The latter requires every individual member of the team to show patience, understanding, and respect for their colleagues. Below illustrations are created by Natalia Kulakova for Brightside.me. This team illustration shows us what happens when we work as a team. Don’t Miss: 29 Effective Ways to Stay Creative and Be Successful How to Get Noticed as a...

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