Each designer, or each person for that matter, has a different taste and preferences when it comes to designing. Take this fun personality quiz to find out what kind of a designer are you! This quiz will also tell you whether you’re a designer or not?!

All designers have their unique personality that suits their designing skills as a result. And the best thing is that we are all different. Apparently, there are different kinds of designers in the world. Thus, every designer has his own way of doing things, his own way of designing, his own way of handling clients also.

Most designers are creative in their own ways. And so in this post, we will categorize our designers into three categories consequentially.

Each designer is definitely unique in many ways!!

Not just the difference in tastes and preferences, but there also exists a difference in the techniques one follows to achieve the end results. There are certain factors that decide the preferences like, age, gender etc. And this holds true for all spheres of work too.

Take this Personality quiz to find out what kind of a designer are you…

This is a fun Personality quiz for designers. Despite all the experiences a designer has, he may at times overlook the intricacies due to lack of time, or also due to carelessness. The designers also sometimes follow certain bad habits which they can avoid if they are more conscious. There are hundreds of good or bad habits that a designer has and may follow unknowingly while at work. This quiz is based on such habits which mostly all designers possess.

Final Word…

Do share this Personality quiz with your near and dear ones and share your results with each other and have a lot of fun!! The results finally generated in this quiz are completely based on the choices that you make while taking the quiz. Thus, this is a fun post, and we request you all to take it the same way.

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  1. 1 Do you get up in the middle of the night and start working all of a sudden?

    1. Yes.
    2. Sometimes.
    3. Never.
  2. 2 What do you prefer to drink while at work?

    1. Beer.
    2. Just water is fine.
    3. Coffee anytime.
  3. 3 How do you keep your desktop?

    1. Very clean with the basic Applications’ icons.
    2. I organize & never get satisfied… it messes up again.
    3. I don’t know.
  4. 4 Do you use ‘Arial’?

    1. Sometimes.
    2. No way I do care about my design!
    3. I don’t care.
  5. 5 Do you doodle on anything possible, even your own jeans?

    1. Maybe, Sometimes.
    2. Yes, I love to do that.
    3. No, I’ve actually never done that.
  6. 6 Have you ever walked out of a restaurant cause you didn’t like the menu design?

    1. I don’t care about the design, I want my food.
    2. Yes, even for the minor mistakes.
    3. Often, I do.
  7. 7 Do you use gradient when designing a logo?

    1. Always, I love gradient.
    2. Are you kidding me?!
    3. Sometimes.
  8. 8 Do you ever buy weird shit just because you like the packaging?

    1. Yes, always!
    2. No, I’m never interested.
    3. Sometimes, but how do you know that?
  9. 9 Do you ever steal paint chips from a hardware store?

    1. Keep it a secret, Yes I do.
    2. Never have I ever done that.
    3. Lol, really?!
  10. 10 Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

    1. Yes, I have.
    2. What is it… a new font?!
    3. I’m looking for one.

Take This Personality Quiz to Find Out What Kind of a Designer Are You!

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