Teamwork Illustrations: Some people love to work on their own only while some others prefer to do things as part of a team. The latter requires every individual member of the team to show patience, understanding, and respect for their colleagues.

Below illustrations are created by Natalia Kulakova for This team illustration shows us what happens when we work as a team.

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These 10 teamwork illustrations showing how best to work in a team

1. Remember that success belongs to everyone

Be a Success team
Remember that success belongs to everyone.

2. Allow Disagreements

Best team member
Allow Disagreements.

3. Don’t stay on the sidelines

Best team member
Don’t stay on the sidelines.

4. Don’t forget to praise people

Best team member
Don’t forget to praise people.

5. Don’t look for someone to blame

Best team member
Don’t look for someone to blame.

6. Don’t be selfish

Best team member
Don’t be selfish.

7. Take everyone’s opinion into account.

Teamwork Illustrations
Take everyone’s opinion into account.

8. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Teamwork Illustrations
Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

9. Learn to meet people halfway.

Teamwork Illustrations
Learn to meet people halfway.

10. Delegate responsibilities.

Teamwork Illustrations
Delegate responsibilities.

Via: Bright Side © lllustrated by Natalia Kulakova for


Working in a team is an important part of every workplace. The teamwork illustration shown here is perfect to inspire designers to work well in groups. This team illustration will also remind you of your colleagues with whom you’ve had similar incidents. Do share this team illustration with them to tell them how much you miss working with them!!

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