Top 5 Logo Design Mistakes To Avoid

Top 5 Logo Design Mistakes To Avoid

Some common Logo Design Mistakes can still take an aesthetically appealing logo and turn it into a branding nightmare. The art of logo design is littered with pitfalls. In this post we have reveal the 5 biggest mistakes to avoid, in order to guide your design to logo glory. Also, read: Top 5 The Most Common Mistakes Made By Designers

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Biggest 5 Logo Design Mistakes To Avoid

Mistakes #1: Typographic chaos

Simplicity is the key to success for a well-designed logo. A logo design should be kept as simple as possible. Most logo designers choose wrong the typographies for designing logos. You should pay close attention to the size, space and must ensure that you have chosen the right font for your logo.

Mistakes #2: Too Complex, too abstract

As the previous point follow design rule KISS (Keep it simple stupid), Simplicity makes a logo design more memorable, more easily remembered by people, The logos of reputed brands like Apple, Adidas, Nike, and McDonald’s are simple that can easily be identified by people. Don’t customize it to be abstract this can confuse your audience and misrepresent your brand. People should be able to identify what your brand is about from your logo, so always be focused on selecting a simple, relevant logo design.

Mistakes #3: Using raster images

Using raster images for logos is not advisable, Logo design images need to appear at a consistent quality, with no pixelation issues and so raster graphics are not ideal. Raster images can’t be scaled to any size, which means at large sizes, the logo would be unusable and distorted. A logo should be designed in vector formats only which allows scaling to any size. Logos should look great in any situation. You can use vector graphics software Abode Illustrator and Corel Draw etc to create vector graphics.

Mistakes #4: Being a Copy Cat

Copying, stealing others does no one any favors, neither the client nor the designer. As mentioned, the purpose of a logo is to represent a business. This is the biggest logo design mistake of all and, unfortunately, is becoming more and more common. the point of a logo is to be unique and original. It’s sad if a designer sees an idea that he inspire, does quick flips, color swaps, or change the words, and then calls the whole idea his own created. Always avoid using stock graphics, The number one rule is to be unique, creative and original. If it looks the same as someone else’s, it has failed in that regard.

Mistakes #5: Listen to the Clients Needs

Stay focused on the client’s needs by sticking to the brief While you should be proud of your work, imposing your personality onto a logo is wrong. You can often spot this logo design sin a mile away; the cause is usually a designer’s enormous ego. If you have found a cool new font that you can’t wait to use in a design, Ask yourself if that font is truly appropriate for the business you’re designing for? May be your client asks for a misinformed design change, explain why it may not be such a good idea for his design and offer a better alternative. If they still refuse, try sending your own concept design decisions as well as their design suggestions.

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