Common Health Problems of Graphic Designers: As every profession has its own pros and cons, The same thing is with graphic designers. Being a graphic designer the most obvious disadvantage is that you’ll not spend too much time outside. If you are a designer and you are working long and erratic hours and spending too much time in front of your computer system, then it is possible that you are more prone to some health problems than the rest of the population. Here are the top common health problems of graphic designers suffering from and how it can be treated.

1. A Stress Headache in Graphic Designers

A stress headache is one of the common health issues. About 80% of the population and a common cause of this health problem is staying in one position and the same place for a longer time without movement using a computer, A stress headache can also be caused by stress, eye strain, fatigue, physical inactivity, and anxiety. Due to the late sitting job, you will see that all this comes with a typical designer job, and if headaches last longer than two weeks, then it can be chronic. Read this: As a Freelancer How to Say No to Client and Refuse Bad Projects

2. Fatigue (Extremely Tiredness)

Being a graphic designer, you work long and irregularly working hours, and this high-pressure job can make you prone to fatigue, where the leading causes strenuous mental or physical activity due to the major reasons, with long working hours. Fatigue can affect your overall work productivity and performance because your communication, planning, and decision-making skills are reduced. Fatigue or tiredness is a state when you feel weary and tired and that can last from one day to a couple of months.

3. Eye Strain

As being a graphic designer are incredibly computer-caused by the strain of eyes because as they spend a lot of time in front of computer monitor, with very little brakes during work hours. The leading causes of this are doubling or blurred vision, eye strain, eye headaches, sometimes migraines and other health problems. There is also a risk of cataracts, with symptoms of computer eye strain, extremely dryness in eyes, slow focus and headache, doubling or blurred vision.

4. Lower Back Pain (Backache)

You are not alone if your back hurts when you sit longer. Most of the graphic designers experience this problem at least once in their lifetime. However, with longer working hours in front of computers, spending more time sitting, poor sitting position, lower back pain ultimately becomes a chronic issue. The main reason behind this is that sitting in the working place chair. There is a static posture that increases the stress in the back, shoulders, arms, and feet, and in particular, can add large amounts of pressure to the back muscles. And spinal discs. You should use the back support chairs also reduces circulation to these muscles as you lay against them. You can avoid this by increasing little brakes and some easy exercises during work hours.  Read this: Best chair for Designers.

5. Stress-Related Insomnia

As you already know, stress is one of the greatest enemies for graphic designers. Some learn to cope with it and some don’t. Stress usually comes when some major changes happen at work, in life or at home. Large amounts of stress can be what’s keeping you awake at night and this is what triggers stress-related insomnia.

The symptoms of stress related insomnia are changes in your sleeping pattern, rapid breathing, sweaty palms, headache, fatigue, a stiff neck, or a backache. Because sleep is extremely important, insomnia can affect your productivity and work ethic; you can become more hot-headed, tired, less productive…

6. Stress-Related Insomnia

Shoulder and neck pain are a result of sitting in the same position while working, and this is why graphic designers are prone to this health issue. This leads to bad posture, pain in the back arms, chest, hips, legs and thighs. Shoulder and neck pain can also increase fatigue and tensed muscles, which can lead to some serious health issues, like spinal joint dysfunction or tissue injury.

As a graphic designer, these are just some of the health issues you should watch out for. Some of them can be corrected, and some can cause more serious health problems, so make sure to take care of yourself and to always take preventive measures like standing up every 20 minutes, making regular brakes, getting enough sleep and perhaps doing some home exercises.

Source: vectorvice

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