True Story of a Designer: I Feel Like Quitting Freelancing

True Story of a Designer: I Feel Like Quitting Freelancing

This is a true story of a designer. The story of a designer who works hard to complete a project and then… something happens that completely shatters him down and he feels like quitting freelancing.

What Exactly happened??

I’m sure it happened with each one you; not just once or twice, but many times till today.

Sometimes, clients will remain clients… no matter how much we care for them or how much we do our best to bring in that smile on their face!! Without even considering how fair we have been towards them, they will just hurt our feelings.

Hurt my feelings…?!

Yes!! They do hurt a designer’s/freelancer’s feelings and consequentially they feel like quitting being a freelancer.

I’m not whining over what happened. I’m explicitly writing this post today because I can bet that it happened to you all too!!

The thing is, have you ever asked a doctor to charge you less because your business is suddenly not doing well due to any XYZ reasons???

No!! I’m sure, none of us might have done that.

Thus, it is extremely important to realize that designing takes a lot more than just the visual treat that appears on your screen. It involves a lot of brainstorming, it needs a designer to create something unique every time. In fact, it requires that a designer must be able to please the client by all means utilizing his creativity to its best.

And then the client tries to negotiate the final amount that too after the completion of the work!!

Can you believe that??

Another bitter truth is that designers, despite all the hard work they have put to be there in that position today, have to face a lot of criticism too.

How did it start- The true story of a designer??

It was all going well until one day when my client did not receive my calls. Apparently, it was something strange. Notably, he was neither replying to many messages or even to my emails. I smelled something was fishy!!

  • My client’s business was going through its worst days and was negatively affected by the change in the Government policies during our deal. But how do you think was I responsible for any of this??
    My client was ignoring me as now he could not pay the amount that was due. And he expected me to negotiate and further reduce the amount to even less than half. On the contrary, I couldn’t do it because I was already charging less from him keeping in mind the relationship we shared. And honestly, that was the minimum amount I could take from anyone for all my efforts and skills I was putting into this project. And all because I believe that a designer shouldn’t work for free. After all, this is a bitter but a true story of a designer.

    Logo Design Meme

    This is a real-life scenario… and of course the true story of a designer!!

    Can you relate to all of this???

  • The client, in fact, questions a freelancer about the resources he has put into creating that design…

    Are you kidding me?!

    A designer has spent years gaining that knowledge and acquiring that skill where he is now capable of creating an identity for your business.
    What do you think made a client approach you?? Is it your skill, or your creativity, or your knowledge??

    The answer is simple, All of this by all means!!

    To put it differently, a client only after analyzing your skills hires you. Therefore, the client must also appreciate and respect your skill by paying you well and not undervaluing your time and efforts. Thus, when a freelancer moves out of his comfort zone and provides all solutions to the clients, the clients must also value it, also in monetary terms. Moreover, what is more, depressing is when he compares friendly suggestions to work done under a project.

True Story of a Designer Meme

The Case…

I was literally shocked to hear this incident which a friend told me about. One of his clients did not fail to give him reasons that why he should reduce the final amount even though all the work was delivered well in time.

And finally, I decided to write this post then and there thinking of the misery the designers must be going through in similar situations.

It is definitely shocking when the client cancels meetings to avoid payments. And it is miserable when he compares the leisure time spent, with the time and efforts spent on a project.

True Story of a Designer Meme

And I absolutely feel miserable, when the clients question me and give me reasons to waiver the final amount. The client never hesitates to tell a designer,

That is why I say that you haven’t invested anything much, but just your time!!

The Final Word…

I really feel sad how people want to get free work. And as a matter of fact, this point is often overlooked but it is very upsetting too. They also do not pay for someone’s skill which obviously they wish to use for their benefit.

How would you deal with similar situations?? Have you faced any such situation?? What suggestions would you like to give to all your fellow freelancers/designers who are struggling with these kinds of clients??

So, do share your valuable suggestions and share this post on the true story of a designer as well. As we definitely know that you care!!

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