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  • Use This Handy Photoshop Trick to Convert Low-Res Graphic to High-Res
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    Use This Handy Photoshop Trick to Convert Low-Res Graphic to High-Res

    This post could be little interesting Unmesh Dinda has come again with a handy tutorial on his YouTube channel PiXimperfect. Today Unmesh Dinda takes a Low-Res graphics and convert that in the High-Res graphic in a super easy fun way in Photoshop. With this trick, you will defiantly get sharp edges and details but there are two warnings. One is this technique only works with graphics which have not more than two colors. Unmesh Dinda says if you have a...

  • Want-to-Cut-Out-an-Image-in-JUST-ONE-CLICK
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    Want to Cut-Out an Image in JUST ONE CLICK? Use this Select Subject Tool to Mask Subjects in Photoshop CC 2018

    Select Subject Tool: JUST ONE CLICK to Mask Subjects Using this Brand New Feature in Photoshop CC 2018 called Select Subject! Yes. Few days ago Adobe released an update to Photoshop CC 2018 that features a new subject selection tool capable of automatically selecting the prominent subjects in an image with only one click. In this video tutorial, A YouTuber Unmesh Dinda tests this feature in different images like without people, images with animals, and even landscapes, but also, Unmesh Dinda...

  • How to Remove Unwanted Things from Images in Photoshop
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    How to Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos in Photoshop

    This post is about how to remove unwanted things from images in Photoshop. Photoshop is one of the best designing software used worldwide. This app is a blessing in disguise which enables us to remove unwanted objects from photos. Furthermore, using Photoshop to edit and manipulate images has become a trend now. Editing images in Photoshop is a must as using them without it is a no-no. Be it the wedding shoots, or pictures for commercial use, creating cut-outs, or...

  • How to Make Illustration in Photoshop
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    Create a Heart-Warming Wildlife Illustration in Photoshop

    Create an Illustration in Photoshop: When illustrating a scene, it is important to think about several factors including lighting, depth of field, and color. You can also enhance your illustration by conveying an emotional message. In this tutorial, Therese Larsson will show you how to create a heart-warming wildlife illustration using a variety of digital illustration techniques. Let’s get started! You may also take a look: The Best Tricks to Reduce File Size Without Quality Loss in Photoshop CC Extreme weight loss...

  • How to Adjust Facial Features in Photoshop
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    Learn How to Adjust Facial Features in Photoshop

    How to Adjust Facial Features in Photoshop: In this post (tutorial) you’ll learn advanced uses techniques of Puppet Warp Tool and Liquify Filter to Adjust Facial Features in Photoshop. We know the Puppet Warp Tool is ideal for shaping hair and repositioning arms or legs, but it can also be used for adjusting the facial features also. How to Cut Out an Image in Photoshop 10 Hidden Photoshop Features Will Change & Improve Your Skills Now Anyone Can Be A Designer, 9 Free...

  • 28 Powerful Hidden Tips, Tricks, & Features of Photoshop
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    28 Photoshop Tricks, Tips & Powerful hidden feature for Beginner

    28 Powerful Hidden Tips, Tricks, & Features of Photoshop: Photoshop is a versatile and powerful design tool and continues to upgrade with new features. Might be you’re using Photoshop over 20 years. Many Photoshop user still not knows many of the things you can do with Photoshop. Tutvid comes up with this tutorial which is going to rip the mask off of 28 hidden tips, tricks, and features of Photoshop. Some of these features we use on a daily and...

  • How to Retouching Skin Retaining Texture
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    How to Retouching Skin Retaining Texture in Just 3 Minutes Using Actions – Tips for Beginners

    How to Retouching Skin Retaining Texture in Just 3 Minutes – Tips for Beginners: In this tutorial, you will learn how to retouch skin retaining texture, change skin tone brighter and smoother. It’s a simple photo editing technique use action in photoshop. We are using actions of photoshop in this tutorial. Today we will share a tutorial that everyone retouch skin very quickly as less than 4 minutes using photoshop actions. You can download actions below. We use photoshop action...

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