This post could be little interesting Unmesh Dinda has come again with a handy tutorial on his YouTube channel PiXimperfect. Today Unmesh Dinda takes a Low-Res graphics and convert that in the High-Res graphic in a super easy fun way in Photoshop. With this trick, you will defiantly get sharp edges and details but there are two warnings. One is this technique only works with graphics which have not more than two colors.

Unmesh Dinda says if you have a graphic with one or two colors this technique will work but more than two its won’t. For more than two colors there are other methods. The second warning is when we begin to recover the details so we try to do that whether in Image or graphic we will never be able o recover the details to 100% just because once the detail is lost, once the Image is blurred and graphics loses his quality recovering the details would be like inventing the details because its lost so how do we do it we actually hide it or fake it so today we gonna fake it.

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So without much ado let’s get started…

In this tutorial, we will learn to refine the edges both in black and white and color images.

Watch How to Use This Super Handy and Clever Photoshop Trick to Convert Low-Res Graphic to High-Res:

Via: PiXimperfect

01:32 – Open black and white Image
02:36 – Start to recover the details
03:20 – Increase the document dimensions
04:05 – Apply Gaussian Blur to Image
04:50 – Apply Curves to create new details

1. Low Res Sample Image:
2. High-Res Sample Image:

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