How to Virtual Makeup in Photoshop (Skin Retouching)


Makeup in Photoshop: You can quickly turn any photo pictures into glamorous look in less than a minute. In this photoshop tutorial will teach you how In this tutorial we go over an easy method for digitally applying makeup on a subject for a beautiful and realistic outcome. Some Photoshop tools and features used are the Reduce Noise Filter, the Paint Brush Tool, and the Eraser Tool. You can also apply this tutorial method to an old scanned photograph. Riya Sen, who is the Indian cinematic celebrity was used in this tutorial.

Let’s Start Virtual Makeup in Photoshop:

Step 1:

I’ll assume you already have selected your model’s picture, using the above picture or the picture you would like to enhance. Now, look over at your layers menu, right click on your image layer and select Duplicate Layer.
It should look something like this:
Step 1 Makeup in Photoshop

Step 2:

Make sure your new duplicated layer is selected on the layers menu then from the top menu, go to FILTER -> NOISE -> REDUCE NOISE.
Step 2 Makeup in Photoshop

Step 3:

Youll get a popup dialogue box with many options and sample of your picture on the left. The menu on the right would look like the screen below. Strength is how powerful the noise reduction will be, I have set this to the maximum.
In your case, it may not be necessary so make sure you slide it left and right until the preview looks like the kind of skin you want for your picture.
I set the Preserve Details to 1% as at this point I do not care how much details are being shown, my only concern is that I want the skin to look really good and smooth. Set the other two option to zero as we do not need them.

Step 3 Makeup in Photoshop

Once the REDUCE NOISE filter is applied on the top duplicated layer, your picture would look something like this…

Step 3a Makeup in Photoshop

Notice that noise is removed from all part of the image including the lips, eyes, and hair.. thus making the picture look as if it has been photoshopped.


Step 4:

Remember, you have our original picture intact on the bottom of this layer. At this point, our goal is to bring the original eyes, hair, and lips back as if they
were vivid and not blurry photoshopped version. From the Navigator menu, select the Eraser tool.

Step 4 Makeup in Photoshop


Step 5:

Now, right click anywhere in the picture and you will get this popup menu.

Step 5 Makeup in Photoshop

You’ll see many different brush size, the first half set of brushes are regular brushes which we will not use. The second half set of brushes is smooth edge like spray painting like brushes. For my image
I’ve selected Soft Mechanical 9 Pixel size. You can see it more clearly in the above dialogue box. The purpose here is to carefully erase the eyeballs, eyebrows, lips and hair. As you erase them
in this layer, you’ll notice the original version is coming out replacing the newer one. This way it looks more authentic and real. Go ahead and carefully finish up erasing only inside of the eyes and another element you would like to keep as authentic. If the model has any jewelry, it is strongly suggested you erase them as well as any other details you want to preserve from the original keeping the skin intact.

Once you are finished, it should look something like this:

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