Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali? The big question from 10th July 2015 is “Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali?”. You may get answers of this big question “Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali” here. We are showing the real story of Bahubali and 25 scenes which will appear in Bahubali 2. The most awaited movie “Bahubali 2” movie will be released on April 28th 2017. But its intended ones want to know about the movie right now. However, the movie trailer has been launched. In this post today we’re going to show you some special scenes from the movie Bahubali 2.

Bahubali- 2 Real Story:

1st scene is both bhallaladeva and bijjaladeva will disuss about bahubali and sivagami and will plan to kill bahubali.

Bahubali owns mahismati kingdom.Bhallaladeva and bijjalaladeva jealous about bahubali victory.Then bhallaladeva ordered kattapa to kill bahubali otherwise he will kill sivagami.

Then Both Kattapa and bahubali together play some drama to save sivagami. Kattapa will tell bhallaladeva that bahubali had died. So, then he will not kill sivagami. Bahubali lives in secret place may be Kuntala where he fall in love with devasena.

After some years bahubali tried to kill bhallaladeva to take revenge, but unfortunately bhallaladeva will escape from bahubali attack,

Finally, he began to warn subbaraja(Who plays Anushka brother) king of Kuntala to kill bahubali other wise he will kill all kuntala people. So, forcefully subbaraju will kill bahubali and hand over Anushka to bhallaladeva.

At this this time Anushka give birth to sivudu and ask sivagami to save her child sivudu from bhallaladrteva by touching sivagami feet(Emotional part) with blood hand.

Then sivagami introduce sivudu to mahishmati people(Sivagami shouting moment in Bahubali-2 trailer-Amendra Bahubali).Mahismati people shouts Bahubali is back as Amerendra bahubali(Interval Bang).

Then, bhallaladeva ordered to his army to kill Amendra Bahubali,Since sivagami promised to devasena that she will save her child sivudu so, she try to save sivudu (Bahubali-1 introuduction).

Then bhallaladeva keeps devasena as a slave and he will punish all mahishmati people for supporting Bahubali.

After some years,Bhallaladeva came to know that bahubali son sivudu is live and will return back to take Mahismati kingdom then he again ordered kattapa to kill sivudu.

Again both sivudu and kattapa will plan to play drama but this time bhallaladeva will identify kattapa -sivudu drama and he will take revenge on kattapa and will kill him.

Finally,Sivudu will kill bhallaladeva (Climax fight)and takes mahishmati kingdo

I know many of you don”t believe in my story but this is the real story.If you don”t believe wait until April 28th! – Story source: quora

25 Scenes of Bahubali 2 (Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali)

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Bahubali 2 Images

Bahubali 2 Images

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Bahubali 2 Katappa Images

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Baahubali 2 Images Anushka

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