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CGfrog.com is the most reliable, comprehensive solution; to all your designing issues and queries. We bring the most creative and best inspirational stories from around the world.

These articles and tutorials are created to educate and guide all designers as well as aspiring designers. We post material which is surely useful to every user irrespective of their capability. This includes tutorials, layouts, VFX, animation and a lot many trending things in the field of designing. We support artists at every level by offering them a range of services from educating and informing them; to guiding and giving them a platform to showcase their talent. Readers can look for various categories like designer’s life, designer’s humor, memes, photography tips, multimedia tricks, multimedia jobs, portfolio service, tutorials etc.

CGfrog celebrates creativity irrespective of the many social and cultural, regional and experiential differences. We are a free e-magazine with a wide collection of knowledgeable material which is crafted with a lot of detailing and research to provide the best possible reference material or inspirational stories. The website and the page are updated from time to time to be able to provide the latest reading material to its users.

Mission Statement

CGfrog.com works with a mission to create and to collect the most inspiring and creative matter and to share with our awesome readers. We aim to learn, inspire and grow.  We wish to serve as your #1 source of inspiration and your ‘go to’ tool for every designing solution that you seek.

Team CGfrog

Our team comprises of specialists from across the country to bring in the best in every form for you. Each of our team members is an expert in their own field and we all strive hard to fulfill our reader’s expectations from us as their source of inspiration.

Be a part of our creative and inspirational journey and let us explore this vicious world of designing together.

We are glad that you’re here and we assure you that we will strive hard each day to maintain, improve and deliver the best in the years to come as well. Your suggestions and queries are highly appreciable and valuable. Kindly contact us by dropping an email to [email protected]

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