• Typography Quiz: Take This Quiz To Test Your Skills
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    Typography Quiz: Take This Quiz To Test Your Skills

    Typography is a very integral part of graphic designing. Taking this typography quiz will let you test your knowledge and skills regarding the same. Typography is the art of making written language legible. It is a technique which helps us to arrange the type to make the language readable and...

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    Take This Photoshop Quiz to Test Your Skills

    Here we are with an exciting Photoshop quiz for you all. This quiz is about how you use Photoshop and its tools while designing. Some designers are an absolute pro when they work, while some others may not be the expert. Photoshop is used in a different way by different...

  • OCD Radar Quiz - Color Shapes
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    OCD Radar Quiz: How Sensitive Is Your OCD Radar?

    OCD Radar Quiz: Are you sensitive enough to notice the most subtle differences? This quiz is one of them. It looks at how your brain, eyes and mind evaluate certain shapes and examines how you experience different levels of disorder. Monic Woods has created this entertaining Quiz at Playbuzz to...

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    Quiz: Can You Match the Colors to the Brand?

    Particular color combinations can become as synonymous with famous brands as a unique logo or name. It’s said that around 80% of the visual information we take in is based on color, and big companies know to protect the association with their brand colors via trademarks. But how well can...

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