• New Graphic Design Trends 2019
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    New: Top 8 Graphic Design Trends 2019

    Graphic Design Trends 2019: Here we discuss predictions of graphic design trends 2019. At the end of the year, We all designer want to know about what graphic design trends 2019 would be. This is our first post on the design trends we never posted on design trends before. But we can say with confidence that the coming year 2019 would a strong at with many wonderful graphic, web, print, editorial, package, and other kinds of designs as the current year 2018....

  • Most Popular Shades of Red Color Palette with Hex and RGB Codes
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    28 Shades of Red Color, Correct Name of All Red Colors with HEX and RGB Codes

    Shades of red color: Colors play a significant role in everyday life. Colors can cause a drastic change in the mood as well as the environment. A color can change the way a person thinks, it can also change one’s mood. If used in a right way, a color can work wonders in terms of increasing the output and the overall result. Every person’s color preferences vary. For example, a young person may like bright and lively shades of colors....

  • What's Your Favorite Color? Know Your Color Preferences
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    What’s Your Favorite Color? Know Your Color Preferences

    Do age and gender affect a person’s color preferences?? Do the choices really change over a period of time?? Have you personally experienced it ?? What’s your favorite color?? Yes, whether it is pink or blue, colors are always associated with gender. What’s your favorite color, PINK or BLUE? I’m sure that a girl would like pink, whereas a guy would go with blue. But why? The basis of this generalization is the assumption that girls like pink, just as...

  • Typical Personalities of a Graphic Designer
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    Infographic: Typical Personalities of a Graphic Designer

    Typical Personalities of a Graphic Designer: Do you have a much unique personality that suits your designing skill? Just always remember that we are all different. Every designer has a different working style, experience, skills, types, hobbies, likes and dislikes and mindset. Artzap has created an infographic, hope you like it. Here are some of the major personalities of designers, find out which personality describes you: Infographic: Typical Personalities of a Graphic Designer What kind of Designer are you? What...

  • Top 5 States of Overcoming Frustration While Designing
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    Top 5 States of Overcoming Frustration While Designing

    Have you ever thought how one can be happy by overcoming frustration while designing?? Have you ever wondered what frustration is?? Our life is long and full of frustrations. Every now and then we are bothered about something or the other. We have small irritations of losing something or even bigger problems where we completely fail to fulfill our goals. What is important is to be able to manage those frustrations well. A designer faces criticisms which he must take...

  • Be an Entrepreneur
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    You’re Never Too Old to Start a New Business – Age Is Just a Number

    Be an entrepreneur: Age is just a number. You’re never too old to start up your own venture. Here’s a super dose of some real motivation for our readers. We’ve compiled a list of some famous entrepreneurs and their age at which they became famous; some of them after several attempts, which we hope will be inspiring for you all! Don’t miss: Signature Analysis of 25 Most Famous Entrepreneurs and Their Hidden Meaning It’s Never Too Late to Start a New Business...

  • How to Make Your Blog Post Go Viral
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    How to Make Your Blog Post Go Viral (21 Step-by-Step Guide)

    How to Make Your Blog Post Go Viral (21 Step-by-Step Guide): We all knows that there is no magic involved to make your blog post to go viral. In fact: According to research, viral content tends to contain specific elements that push people to share. That’s it. Content is king and always works. But to go viral, they need to be awesome. infographic source: backlinko Don’t Miss: What is a Backlink, 4 Killer Backlink Methods to Boost SEO Rank Who Needs a Job?...

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