15 Funny Confessions of Designers You’d Never Expect

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Funny Designer Confessions Humor Poster

In this post we have comes up with a series of 15 minimalist posters of funny confessions of designers that are out to challenge the preconceptions that people have of designers.

We know not all designers are perfect Mac-owning, Flash-loving. To be honest, have you ever used Comic Sans in your designs? Or any copyrighted image from Google Images? Do you really like the ‘flat design’?. In fact, most of us have made more than a few mistakes that we are terrified to admit.

Here are 15 confessions poster from designers who feel that they want to take a load off their chest. Joshua Johnson has written over at Creative Market
Check them out below.

Confessions of a Guilty Designer:


1. I’m Actually Color Blind.

Designer Confessions Humor - Color Blind

2. I Totally Auto Traced It.

Designer Confessions Humor - Auto Traced it

3. I Really Thought the Dress Was White and Gold.

Designer Confessions Humor - The Dress Was White and Gold

4. I Once Got a Tattoo in Helvetica.

Designer Confessions Humor - Tattoo Helvetica

5. I Really Hate Flat Design.

Designer Confessions Humor - Flat Design

6. I Took That Image From Google.

Designer Confessions Humor - Images from Google

7. I Almost Never Kern.

Designer Confessions Humor - Never Kern

8. I Have No Idea How to Use the Pen Tool.

Designer Confessions Humor - How to Use Pen Tool

9. I Don’t Own a Mac.

Designer Confessions Humor - Own a Mac

10. I Used Comic Sans Once in the ‘90s.

Designer Confessions Humor - Comic Sans

11.I Always Name Fonts Out Loud When I See Them.

Designer Confessions Humor - Name Fonts

12. The Project Went to Print With a Typo.

Designer Confessions Humor - Print with a Typo

13. I Used Helvetica in a Logo.

Designer Confessions Humor - Helvetica in a Logo

14. I Still Can’t Find the Arrow in the FedEx Logo.

Designer Confessions Humor -Fedex Logo Arrow

15. Sometimes I Really Miss Flash.

Designer Confessions Humor - Miss Flash

We confess to no. 6, 10 and 15. What yours? Have a confession in your mind to make? Write them in comments below. Share this post on social media platforms with a friend/colleague using the hashtag #designerConfessions.

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