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CGfrog banner ad map new

1. Top Banner Ad 728×90 (Center) :

2. Top Sidebar Banner Ad 300×250 (Right sidebar):

3. Beginning of the Article Banner Ad 300×250 :

  • 300×250 left aligned banner ad appears before the Article of all category pages.
  • Monthly/Yearly Plan
  • Know Price & More Details 

4. Middle Sidebar Banner Ad 300×250 (Right sidebar):

5. Sticky Sidebar Banner Ad 300×600 (Right sidebar):

  • 300×600 Sticky ad appears in the right sidebar and stays until the end of the page.
  • Monthly/Yearly Plan
  • Know Price & More Details 

6. After Article Banner Ad 728×90:

7. Advertise with Cursor: See Samples :

  • Start today and get one month free (offer available for new customers and with the 3-month plan only).
  • Advertisement banner will be added with cursor without the link – appears on all pages.
  • Minimum 32×32 pixels and maximum 90×50 pixels image are required only (including cursor).
  • You can put your custom text image (e.g website address) with the cursor.
  • $ 56/Monthly Plan
  • More Details
  • See Sample:

8. Sponsor A Post 

Sample of Placement of Sponsored/Presented Banner

*Conditions Apply

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Formatted Text with Embeds and Visuals
Personality quiz
Series of questions that intends to reveal something about the personality
Trivia quiz
Series of questions with right and wrong answers that intends to check knowledge
Open List
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Voting to make decisions or determine opinions
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