How to Use Pen Tool in Illustrator: There is no doubt that the Pen Tool is one of the best and the most powerful graphics editing tools in Adobe Illustrator. But sometimes it can be confusing and frustrating also. Paul Trani, who is a senior worldwide Creative Cloud Evangelist for Adobe, is behind this “Pen Tool” cheat sheet for Adobe Illustrator. cheat sheet for Adobe Illustrator.

We’ve also collated some tutorials from YouTube for Illustrator newbies. Check them all out below. With some focused practice, you’ll soon master the Pen Tool and come to love graphic design. This will be a great help on how to use pen tool in Illustrator.

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Learn How to Use Pen Tool in Illustrator

How to Use Pen Tool in Illustrator Cheat Sheet For Designers

Adobe Illustrator Pen Tool Tips & Tutorials

1. Learn How to Draw Using the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator

Courtesy of: Dansky

2. How to Trace Complex Shapes with the Pen Tool

Courtesy of : Jason Hill

3. Learn Hand Lettering in Illustrator

Courtesy of: Will Paterson

4. Drawing with the Pen tool, Pencil tool & Brush tool

Courtesy of: TastyTuts

5. How to Use The Pen Tool and Two Ways You Can Master it

Courtesy of: Swerve Designs


Hope you like this post on How to Use Pen Tool in Illustrator. Please comment below and share with us your favorite tutorial in this post. Come let us learn how to use pen tool in Illustrator in the best and quickest possible way.

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