Psychology Books for Every Designer View Full Post

5 Psychology Books for Every Designer: Fodder for Your Creativity

Have you ever thought that reading books can help in designing better? Wondered why psychology books for every designer are so popular?? A designer should always be learning continuously. The technology, the taste of the people is ever changing,...

17 Habits of a Bad Graphic Designer View Full Post

17 Habits of a Bad Graphic Designer

Yes, We’re talking about a bad graphic designer and their bad design techniques. But we’re not here to criticize anybody or to find faults. Our sole aim of compiling this list of habits of a bad graphic designer is...

5 Elements of Bad Typography That Designer Should Avoid View Full Post

5 Elements of Bad Typography That Designer Should Avoid

Elements of Bad Typography: Just like Good Typography is all around us, the Same thing with Bad Typography which is also everywhere. When looking at the typographic design, there are 5 elements of bad typography where you can potentially go...

Facebook Groups for Designers View Full Post

10+ Most Active Facebook Groups for Designers

Facebook Groups for Designers: Facebook groups is not only a great way to connect to people, you can also learn here and share your skill knowedge to your community. But finding ideal groups in your niche which are ready...

Vfx-gifs.gif View Full Post

A Russian VFX Artist Added Explosions to Classic GIFs

A Moscow, Russian based VFX Artist Added Explosions to Classic GIFs: artist Patiffonka remixes gifs to do some pretty cool vfx edits. Patiffonka collects a variety of “accidentally falling” Gifs on the network, and then adds vfx to a...

Mastering Microsoft Paint View Full Post

Guy Sucks At Photoshop, Spends 10 Years Mastering Microsoft Paint To Illustrate His Book

Mastering Microsoft Paint: Pat Hines, who wanted to use Photoshop to illustrate his e-book, could not do much with the complex software which it is. He dropped the plans to learn it any further and using the good old’...

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