Download 20 Most Loved HD Car Blueprints for 3D Modeling For Free

This post has some very accurate and super useful Car Blueprints in HD for 3D modeling. These can be created with various 3D software tools.

Car Blueprints for 3D Modeling

This post has some very accurate and super useful Car Blueprints in HD for 3D modeling. These can be created with various 3D software tools like Maya, 3DsMax, Softimage, Cinema 4D and other design software. This post is packed with a lot of inspiration for everyone.

Car Blueprints, WOW!

Isn’t this something a designer would be very fond of and keen on learning?!

blueprint (Wikipedia) is our main referral when creating a car model. It guides us at each step while making every single piece of the car. It helps us in sizing and scaling the dimensions correctly. Therefore, a blueprint gives us the exact dimensions of the original technology that a designer is making.

Whether you’re a pro in Maya or just a beginner, modeling a car using the 3D graphic design software is a great thing. It is very exciting as well.

These designing programs not just help us to create a car or a bike blueprint (Include Blueprints of Helmet), it also helps us create artwork which is really inspiring.

Designing is a vast field. And these programs help a designer to go limitless with their imagination. These programs also help us to create character model designs which are super creative.

Download Most Loved HD Car Blueprints for 3D Modeling For Free

These blueprints are difficult to create because it needs a lot of patience and accuracy. The sample blueprints given in this post are some of the most commonly and widely used blueprints.

1. Download Car Blueprint of GMC Sierra Denali

Download Car Blueprint of GMC Sierra Denali

2. Download Car Blueprint of Porsche Cayman S

Download Car Blueprint of Porsche Cayman S

3. Download Car Blueprint of Audi-A3

Download Car Blueprint of Audi-A3

4. Download Car Blueprint of Audi-A3 Sportback

Download Car Blueprint of Audi-A3 Sportback

5. Download Car Blueprint of Audi-A8L

Download Car Blueprint of Audi-A8L

6. Download Car Blueprint of Audi-R8

Download Car Blueprint of Audi-R8

7. Download Car Blueprint of Audi-S3

Download Car Blueprint of Audi-S3

8. Download Car Blueprint of BMW 3 Series Convertible

Download Car Blueprint of BMW 3 Series Convertible

9. Download Car Blueprint of Citroen DS

Download Car Blueprint of Citroen DS

10. Download Car Blueprint of Honda Civic-5

Download Car Blueprint of Honda Civic-5

11. Download Car Blueprint of Hyundai i30 Coupe

Download Car Blueprint of Hyundai i30 Coupe

12. Download Car Blueprint of Hyundai i30 Tourer

Download Car Blueprint of Hyundai i30 Tourer

13. Download Car Blueprint of Lamborghini Reventon

Download Car Blueprint of Lamborghini Reventon

14. Download Car Blueprint of Mazda-6

Download Car Blueprint of Mazda-6

15. Download Car Blueprint of Mitsubishi Outlander

Download Car Blueprint of Mitsubishi Outlander

16. Download Car Blueprint of Necessary Force12

Download Car Blueprint of Necessary Force12

17. Download Car Blueprint of Royals Roy Phantom

Download Car Blueprint of Royals Roy Phantom

18. Download Car Blueprint of Subaru-BRZ

Download Car Blueprint of Subaru-BRZ

19. Download Car Blueprint of Volkswagen Golf-5

Download Car Blueprint of Volkswagen Golf-5


We hope that the car blueprints brought together in this post are of much use to you all. Please feel free to share your ideas and opinions about the same. Also, share this with your friends. Do comment below and share your ideas with us, we would really be glad!!

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