• World Photography Day These Images Became a Date In The History
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    World Photography Day: These Images Became a Date In The History

    A single image or a picture is capable of expressing all such feelings and emotions which one cannot express even by the means of a thousand words. On the occasion of world photography day today, we bring you a collection of pictures which are not just pictures, they have become history in themselves. These unforgettable pictures depict love, care, happiness, anger and all such human emotions which touch the people’s heart some or the other time. Further Reading on CGFrog: 10...

  • How To Take A Perfect Selfie Photo
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    How to Take Perfect Selfie? Best Selfie Tips for Selfie Addicted People

    Are You a Selfie Addict and Searching How To Take A Perfect Selfie? This post is for you! Millions of selfies are taken and shared every day, but how do you make yours stand out in the crowd is what is important? We all know that when we click pictures, we want to look perfect. There is a certain trick to take a perfect selfie. Sometimes we feel guilty for taking dozens of selfies just to capture one that is...

  • Look Hot and Sexy in Your Photo
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    Look Fabulous in Your Photo, Follow These Tips to Take Best Dating Profile Picture

    You can increase your chances of getting more communication and dates, You can win or lose a someone’s attention with your profile pictures, and it’s not because of your looks. We have already hosted previously about 6 secrets to be more photogenic as like celebrities. What you’re doing in the pictures can affect how you’re perceived, and with the right pictures, you might be able to catch a few more eyes and invites in your inbox. Yes, there’s more to loving a relationship...

  • Photo Retouching works
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    Best Portrait Photo Retouching works by Regina Pagles

    Best Portrait Photo Retouching by Regina Pagles: A New York-based Headshot photographer Regina Pagles and her husband both are having interest and passion in photography and photo retouching. Regina Pagles ever since she was a child, she loved photography and her first photo was taken in her dad’s camera. We have gathered the most fabulous collection of Portrait Photo Retouching masterpieces of Regina Pagles. Go ahead and be inspired. Don’t Miss: The Master of Retouching Christophe Huet This Russian Photoshop Master’s Retouching Skills...

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    Famous Photographers – List of 10 Best Photographers in the World

    Famous Photographers in the World: First of all we all know being a good photographer is not easy, let alone getting to that professional level. In this post, we’ve added a list of 10 famous photographers. So if you are a photography passionate this post is actually for you. Definitely, you will be inspired by their works. So we want you to introduce you to some of the greatest photographers around the world, their awesome portfolios links. Don’t Miss: IN FOCUS...

  • Egg-slow-motion-photography
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    Stunning & Creative Slow Motion Photography Examples

    High-speed photography is an intriguing way to capture images that the human eye would not normally see because it is moving too quickly for us. With high-speed photography you can capture the point of impact or explosion and freeze movements in time that are happening tremendously fast. In the past, it was most commonly used in physics, health research and sports, but it is starting to open up many more new and exciting possibilities for creative expression. We are always...

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    Creative Photographer Mashes Two Photos Together For Hilarious Results (New Pics)

    Believe it or not, the images below are not Photoshopped – it’s all really a product of pure brilliance, talent, and wild imagination. Yes, none of these photos have been manipulated using any graphic-editing software. Also check Innovative Photography concepts by Iain Crawford In fact, giving it a closer look will reveal that these pieces are actually made of two images. Stephen McMennamy, an art director, created all these unique works of art. What he did was to take two pictures and...

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