Posting Rules

Hi, residents & newbies. It is all about CGfrog content quality. Let me introduce to you a new rules: all new posts will be held for moderation, and only a high-quality posts will be published. No excuses and exceptions. Post format: pic, text with links etc, native WordPress “read more” tag to hide the rest of the post, pic, pic, pic, pic whatever you want – 5 pics in post minimum, but minimum limit may vary and depends on post content. Why not to create an attractive and viral posts?? More attractive post = more hits you get. Yep. Photos without a link to a photographer will not be approved. Posts with your own post style will be ignored.

Image tips:

  • Don’t use watermarks – they make images look ugly.
  • Uploading more than one image? Make sure you put them all in one post.

Thank you for your understanding. Have a nice day.

Please, read the rules to avoid any unpredictable results. Use site Search before you start to post to avoid duplicates.

All new posts will be held for moderation, and only a high-quality posts will be published!
5 pics in post minimum. Do not use your own post formatting style.

Possible reasons to why your post is not published:

• Less than 5 images in post
• Strong erotic content
• Trash, shit, crap content
• No post images
• No post description
• No link to the source or/and original author/photographer
• Duplicated post
• Spam
• Infographics
• Watermarked images
• Not a site-related content
• SEO links, Magento, referral and affiliate links
• Your own post content style and formatting
• Image link jacking or 3rd party image hosting

If you’d like to see a post preview, before you publish, – save the draft first.

Image Requirements

Adding an image
• Do not link jack images from other sites and do not use image hosting services
• Recommended image width: 650 pixels ; maximum weight is 2Mb
• Go to ‘Add New’ post and click ‘Add Media’. Upload an image and follow the information below: choose alignment ‘none‘; Link URL ‘none‘ (if you don’t want to use a lightbox pop-up); and ‘Full Image‘ Size; add description for your taste.
• You can also upload here ‘Featured Image’ set feature image for your post.
• All images automatically scales to 650px
• Don’t use watermarks – they make images look ugly.

Do not use ‘Private’ or ‘Password protected’ options. Do not spam! Do not make duplicates – use site search instead!

Adding a Video

Strongly recommended DO NOT post screen caps from video – post real video!
To add a video, just copy the original video URL into the post

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