Designer’s Life: Is It True That The Life of a Designer Is Lonely?

Designer's Life: Is It True That The Life of a Designer Is Lonely?

True or false, I’m not sure; but I’m really curious to know whether the life of a designer is really lonely?! Life isn’t easy when you are in a profession that takes all the life out of you. This is a kind of profession where you may have to work 24*7. In such a case, is it possible to maintain a relationship?! And especially a love relationship… That’s just a part of a designer’s life!

Life of a designer: Designer’s Best Friend

Well, do you know who is a designer’s best friend?

It’s the laptop (or the PC), with which he spends the maximum amount of his time.  You guessed it right my friend, a designer’s life is lonely and unromantic. There is almost no or very little socializing in the life of a designer, leave aside a relationship.

The only thing (thing replaces a person in the life of a designer) with which a designer has a relationship is his laptop. It is intense to a limit where the designer tries out various K**mSutra positions with his laptop. Can you beat that!!

K**mSutra positions Designer in Lonely

Commitment: Work vs Relationship

A relationship with a girl or a guy generally demands a lot of time and attention, a designer is always stuck between his work-specifications-deadlines that he hardly has any time and energy left for investing in a romantic relationship.

Life of a Designer

I’m sure most of you would agree to this keeping aside the exceptions. 😂🤣😂🤣

It is seen that the designers work even at odd hours to get a design that the client is actually looking for. For example, imagine if a designer is working at 3:00 am., how will he manage to take time out for his girlfriend.

Designers Life a 3am

But, nonetheless, a designer is absolutely committed towards his work. He chose this life for himself after all.

Designer’s life: Marriage in cards or not?

When in the first place a designer is unable to maintain a relationship, marriage is a little out of question. However, I’m not saying that a designer cannot play a relationship well; I just intend to say that he lacks time. He is always too busy with his work. That’s how the life of a designer is!!

You’re married to a designer and imagine cleaning away hundreds of menus, brochures, color cards and even posters from the filthiest of places. A designer generally collects anything and absolutely everything he feels might be useful for him in future. He is on a continuous search of some inspiration, which is not bad at all; unless you have to clean up the mess always! 😉😉😉

Well, I’m not doing any matchmaking here, I’m being just empathetic towards my designer friends… 😇😇😇

The designer traits that a designer possess are not easily understandable. One needs to have ample of patience to bear with them. Although it is also interesting to wear clothes, especially jeans on which your designer partner would doodle. You should, however, be able to carry it off well. 😊😊😊

The life of a designer

Well, relationship or not, a designer is one hundred percent committed towards his work and this is what makes us respect them. They do everything possible to keep up with their client’s expectations and to deliver their best. Fighting against all odds is how the life of a designer goes on. This is the true story of a designer’s life.


This is a humorous article written on the life of a designer with an intention to spread smiles. Please do not take anything to heart as we respect each and every profession. If this article has made you smile even once, do share it with your friends. Also. share your experiences with us in the comments below.

Author’s note- Do check out our inbound links to have a good laugh and know more about a designer’s life!

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