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PART2 : Designers Vs Regular Peoples, Both are Things Differently

Regular people or non-designer see things differently from designers. In this series you’ll find how regular people and designer things completely different. For example, regular people see Photoshop is where magic can happen, But for a designer it’s jut a design tool. When regular people open a new website they will amaze with it looks, But when...

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Designers Vs Non-Designers, Both are Things Differently

Non-Designers see things a little differently from designers. Caisa Nilaseca has created a design series for DesignTAXI. In this series you’ll find how designer and non-designer things completely different. For example, to them, a well-designed brochure is considered a ‘treasure’ while non-designers simply think and see it as ‘trash’. Via : DesignTAXI Latest update : We have compile PART 2...

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The Skill Set People Need to Be a Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer Software Skills: We all knows creating a graphic designing is not easy task and graphic design is not just about creating images. To become a graphic designer needs to have update their technical skills day by day. Graphic designers have to be prepared for this. With new software continuously being developed and with clients often...

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