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10 Famous Photographers in the World With Their Photography Work and Website Link

zFamous Photographers in the World: First of all we all knows being a good photographer is not easy, let alone getting to that professional level. In this post added a list of 10 famous photographers if you are photography passionate...

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Best Photorealistic Pencil Portraits Of Famous Celebrities

Photorealistic Pencil Portraits Of Famous Celebrities: Creating pencil portrait sketch is an exciting artwork, and with still a little artistic ability sketch in pencil can be learned during practice. Pencil drawings or Pencil Artwork is one of the oldest forms...

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Tutti Fruity Self-Portraits Photography by Cristina Otero

Tutti Fruity Self-Portraits Photography: A Spanish photographer Cristina Otero cleverly combines bold makeup colors with various fruits for creating some of the most Beautiful and Creative self portraits. Cristina Otero use natural sun light for photography and Photoshop for Retouching work. We have added some Hot...

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