10 Famous Photographers in the World With Their Photography Work and Website Link

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zFamous Photographers in the World: First of all we all knows being a good photographer is not easy, let alone getting to that professional level. In...

In focus – Illustrator Alexander Fedosov

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If you like strange universes, you should like the characters imagined by Alexander Fedosov. This 27 year-old Ukrainian artist has his very own style. Clothes...

In-Focus Hyper Realistic Paintings by Hubert De Lartigue

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Hubert De Lartigue a French artist that creates incredibly photo realistic paintings focused on the female body. Hope you guys enjoy this post and share...

Digital Paintings by Giulio Rossi

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Giulio Rossi an italian based artist & designer who is attracted and passionate with art, ever since he was a child, He is self-taught artist...

Amazing Kaamotsav artworks by Saumin Suresh Patel

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Kaamotsav is an artbook which collects a select artworks by Saumin Suresh Patel. A5 in size the book has 29 unique pieces spread across its...

In Focus Conceptual Art by Yan Nam Ko

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A magical artworks by Hong Kong-based artist Yan Nam Ko, who has a lot of very interesting imaginary. He loves to create fantasy characters, drawing epic and environment scenes....

A film exploring the HARMONIC function through kinetic drawing, dance & sound

A-film-exploring-the-HARMONIC-function-through-kinetic-drawing,-dance-&-sound View Full Post

Bending in fluid motions with a piece of charcoal in her hands, Heather Hansen, a contemporary performance artist and dancer in New Orleans, becomes one...

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