Worst Criticism by Design Managers: Every designer has different work style. They have varied skills, and abilities and different perspective. There are different types of designers. But sometimes designer and his manager are often not on good terms. They have this cold war between them which looks like going on forever. Criticism by design manager is always unique and funny. A designer expects the manager to pat his back after every job and congratulate him on performing well, but it rarely happens. The design manager has his own way of analyzing things and conveying it in the most unusual and hilarious manner. However, there are certain things which a designer must not say to his boss.

Update: Now we have also posted the English version of this post.

The design manager treats his designer as this small kid who needs to be instructed every now and then. There are certain things which irritate a designer. Designers at times may not be able to understand as to how to react to a criticism by design managers. They are witty and can make the designer angry as well as make him laugh at the same time.

Here Are Some Similar Instances of Worst Criticism by Design Managers:

1. Creative Being

Worst Criticism by Design Managers

2. Fussy

Worst Criticism by Design Managers

3. Over – Particular

Worst Criticism by Design Managers

4. Hard to Please

Worst Criticism by Design Managers

5. Confused

Worst Criticism by Design Managers

6. White Space Killer

Horrible Client

7. Comic Sans Lover

Comic Sans Humor

8. Naive

Bad Color Contrast Design

9. Overhasty

Worst Criticism by Design Managers

10. Hilarious

Worst Criticism by Design Managers


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