Google Creates Algorithm That Instantly Erases Watermarks from Stock Photos

Google Creates Algorithm That Instantly Erases Watermarks from Stock Photos View Full Post

Watermarks are the most common mechanism which is placed on images like stock photos in order to prevent people from using these images for free,...

Now Draw Anything Using Free Google’s Fast Auto Draw Tool

Google auto draw tool gif View Full Post

Auto Draw Tool: Google on Wednesday 12th, 2017 has launched a new auto draw tool for everyone that uses machine learning to help users who...

Google Launched New Material Design Tools for Designers/Developers

Google Material Design Tools View Full Post

What Is Material Design Tools: Google has introduced their Material Design Tools to a unified system that combines theory, resources, and tools for crafting digital...

Best Graphic Design Software: Corel Draw vs Illustrator

Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator View Full Post

In this article, we will find similarities and differences between the design software Corel Draw vs Illustrator Today there are a variety of programs for...

FoxRenderfarm: A Powerful Render Farm Supports GPU Rendering

Foxrenderfarm A Powerful GPU Render View Full Post

FoxRenderfarm is one of the leading online render farms in the CG industry. It has earned a good reputation for its quality performance, great customer...

Upside Down & Inside Out a 100% Real Zero Gravity Music Video

Real-Zero-Gravity-Music-Video View Full Post

OK Go’s Incredible 100% Real Zero Gravity Music Video (No Wires, No Green Screen) OK Go continue to up the music video ante, working once...

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