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Emails From Horrible Clients That Designers “Love” to Read

Emails From Horrible Clients That Designers “Love” to Read: Do you ever dread by receiving new emails of your client? Mostly either designer or client they will never understand each other. Many clients fail to appreciate the skills of the...

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How to Negotiate with Your Client For Better Prices

“Everything is negotiable. Whether or not the negotiation is easy is another thing.”  It would be pretty frustrating! every time when we meet a client or ask for a raise or negotiate our salary (If worked in a full-time). For freelancer the...

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The Odd Things to Hear From a Designer, but They Don’t Really Mean It

Nope, no designer ever said any of this. We thought we’d compile a list the odd things to hear from a designer, but they don’t really mean it. Previously we have created a humours series : The Things No...

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10 Times Designers Should Just Say “No” to Client

Never say yes all the time! As a designer we feel sometimes clients behave so weird that all you are left with is mere frustration and a bad mood. This is the most unfortunate truth is that it will all...

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The Things No Designer Has Ever Said

Nope, no designer ever said any of this. We thought we’d hop on the #SaidNoDesignerEver bandwagon and compile a list of things we bet have never slipped through a designer’s lips. We have asked designers at our facebook page what...

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5 Things Every Designer Should Know When Dealing With Clients

As a freelance designer we knows there are many things which freelance designers need to know when starting a his career. We all knows it’s impossible to learn everything at once. We’ve already posted an article How to say no...

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Two Types of Design Clients in The World

All of full time designer/freelance designers deal with clients day in and day out. Here’s a series of creatives that defines the two types of clients we come across on a regular basis. There are two types of design clients...

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