• Graphic Designer Meme That Will Make You Laugh
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    30+ Graphic Designer Meme That Will Make You Laugh

    When you’re getting bored at work, and wish to take a break… How about resorting to a graphic designer meme? When the work becomes too much, or the client is giving a hard time and when your boss is out-of-his-mind… Do not worry, when we are here! Presenting a superb collection of a graphic designer meme. These funny graphic designer memes will give you a good laugh. The hardships that a designer faces after becoming a designer are funny in...

  • This Comic Strip Shows How Clients Ruin Web Design Project
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    Hilarious Comic Strips – How Clients Ruin Web Design Project.

    A client and a designer’s relationship is a mixed one with a little sweet and a lot of sour and irritating memories. All designers, some or the other time, witness some moments which become memories; good or bad, with their clients. These hilarious comic strips depict similar incidents which show a funny designer and client relationship. These funny comic strips will surely remind you of a similar situation that you might have encountered with your client. Even though these situations are funny, they...

  • Client Vs Designer: The Life of a Frustrated Designer
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    Client Vs Designer: The Life of a Frustrated Designer

    This story is about the life of a frustrated designer, a designer who is stuck amidst the bitter realities of a designer’s life. The pros and cons of being in this industry deeply affect a designer. Irrespective of his skills, he has to some day or the other, face similar situations that are shown in this video below. As a result of this, he becomes a ‘frustrated designer’. I’m sure you must have seen Tom and Jerry! A client and...

  • Uneducated Client and Unreal Expectations Makes An Unhappy Client
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    Uneducated Client and Unreal Expectations Makes An Unhappy Client

    Educating Your Clients… Have you ever thought, why an uneducated client is also an unhappy client? What brings in this dissatisfaction in clients coupled with unreal expectations? How it all began… One beautiful evening, while sipping my coffee and thinking about my experience with my previous client; I received a call from a long-lost friend. My new client was a friend from the college who was always on good terms with me. But, I never got any positive vibes from...

  • Emails From Horrible Clients-Featured
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    Emails From Horrible Clients That Designers “Love” to Read

    Emails From Horrible Clients That Designers “Love” to Read: Do you ever dread by receiving new emails of your client? Mostly either designer or client they will never understand each other. Many clients fail to appreciate the skills of the designer and their efforts that can go into making a good design, which can lead to emails asking horrible questions such as “It turns out we are not going to use your design, so we won’t be paying your invoice… Joshua...

  • How to Get Paid
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    How to Negotiate with Your Client For Better Prices

    “Everything is negotiable. Whether or not the negotiation is easy is another thing.”  It would be pretty frustrating! every time when we meet a client or ask for a raise or negotiate our salary (If worked in a full-time). For freelancer the most common unfortunate truth is that it will all too often present itself in the form of a client who want to bargaining or sometimes refuses to pay for your design service. Read this :  As a Freelancer How to Say...

  • Designers Lie odd thing
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    The Odd Things to Hear From a Designer, but They Don’t Really Mean It

    Nope, no designer ever said any of this. We thought we’d compile a list the odd things to hear from a designer, but they don’t really mean it. Previously we have created a humours series : The Things No Designer Has Ever Said. We asked designers at our facebook page. We are opened to add more things. JUST give comment. You may also take a look at our past humours collection; 15 Funny Confessions of Designers You’d Never Expect Designers Vs Non-Designers,...

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