Client Vs Designer: The Life of a Frustrated Designer

Client Vs Designer: The Life of a Frustrated Designer

This story is about the life of a frustrated designer, a designer who is stuck amidst the bitter realities of a designer’s life. The pros and cons of being in this industry deeply affect a designer. Irrespective of his skills, he has to some day or the other, face similar situations that are shown in this video below. As a result of this, he becomes a ‘frustrated designer’.

I’m sure you must have seen Tom and Jerry! A client and a designer are like this wonderful duo. Always fighting with each other but in reality, they cannot survive without each other. Their relationship actually depends upon both of them.  However, a designer can impress his client in the very first meeting with his pleasant personality and a sound knowledge of the work.

The client sometimes has unreal expectations which the designer must learn to fulfill or to mold the client in a way that he doesn’t lose him. However, these unreal expectations of the clients make the designer unhappy.

So, let us take a look at the video and see how this designer deals with his client or we can say how the client deals with the designer…

Client vs Designer: The Life of a frustrated designer

How will you react if you get a cheap client like this? Watch this video and share with your fellow designer friends.

Via: Masaledani


00:55 – Client’s Briefing
01:18 – Clientgiri
01:24 – Bribing the designer
01:45 – Hiring a designer to copy another designer’s work
02:21 – Client’s budget
02:32 – Free logo
03:00 – The Frustrated Designer
04:48 – The suspense unveiled
05:41 – The bitter reality

I’m not taking sides here, I’m just trying to reveal the reality of the life of a designer.

Apparently, the five fingers of our hand are not the same. Similarly, none of the clients nor the designers are the same. They vary in their creativity, their budget, their expectation, their capability and so many more parameters. But, we should understand that a designer is a human being and not, God!

Thus, the designer becomes a ‘frustrated designer’ when the expectations differ from the reality. Let’s try to make peace with our clients/designers and work harder and smarter.

P.S. The video on “Client vs Designer: The Life of a frustrated designer” is not shared with the intention of hurting anyone, rather we are just sharing it for a humorous purpose. Any resemblance between any designer or client may be coincidental. Please do not take it to heart. Have fun and enjoy watching it with your friends!!

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