Worst Fonts Ever Comic Sans View Full Post

Worst Fonts Ever: 10 Fonts That Designers Love To Hate

Worst Fonts Ever: Whether you are Pro Graphic Designer or Average, which you need to create a PowerPoint presentation. Choosing right font can be difficult, We knows fonts play a great role in your design, so you should know...

Man Behind Comic Sans View Full Post

Meet the Man Behind Comic Sans

We’ve all seen Comic Sans everyone loves to hate Comic Sans. The child-like handwriting font is so infamous, there is a movement to try to ban it. There is an even dedicated website Comic Sans Criminal to educating people about the...

10-Things-To-Know-when-you-date-with-designer View Full Post

So You’re Dating with Designer? 10 Things To Know Before You Date or Marry a Designer

Before You Date or Marry a Designer: So you’re dating with designer? Congratulations! However, while dating a designer is always fun. Yoke, a creative studio based in Melbourne, Australia, have delved into 10 things you should need to know about...

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