10 Posters Will Inspire You to Become a Better Designer

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Become a Better Designer : Each designers have different personalities. Each designer have different way of working, and each of these personas have positive and negative traits....

Visual design elements and principles: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly?

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A Mumbai based digital marketing company Ethinos has created a slide presentation to the fundamental elements of design. Being familiar with the elements, principles of design and...

Quiz: Can You Match the Colors to the Brand?


Particular color combinations can become as synonymous with famous brands as a unique logo or name. It’s said that around 80% of the visual information...

3D Character Animation 3DYantram

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Furthermore, they want to add real footage to their fantasized creature, just to make them real. Furthermore, its user interface is highly customizable enabling user...

3D Models and Character designs for your inspiration

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In this post we have added some Beautiful 3D character Model for your inspiration. which are created with powerful 3D softwares tools like Maya, 3DsMax,...

Stunning Chalkboard Character Animation By EyeBelieve

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EyeBelieve is a multi-disciplinary creative content production team set up to experiment and push creative boundaries across the film, commercial, broadcast and new media. With...

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