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    10 Posters Will Inspire You to Become a Better Designer

    Become a Better Designer : Each designers have different personalities. Each designer have different way of working, and each of these personas have positive and negative traits. Designing is a discipline that often goes under appreciated but for those in the know you’ll understand that there’s always more you can learn. In this hosted post we’ve come up with a series of posters titled ‘Design Quotes’ design by linxsupply.com you can purchase these posters also. don’t miss : Infographic : What Type of Designer Are...

  • principles-of-design
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    Visual design elements and principles: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly?

    A Mumbai based digital marketing company Ethinos has created a slide presentation to the fundamental elements of design. Being familiar with the elements, principles of design and visual communication in general help to create effective visual message.A presentation that’s an interesting and easy to use guide to using these three fundamental elements of design: Colour Shapes and Lines Images Visual design elements and principles Colour: As a powerful form of communication, colour is irreplaceable. Colour can sway thinking, change actions and cause reactions....

  • 3D-Models-and-Character-designs-for-your-inspiration-CGfrog_com_banner
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    3D Models and Character designs for your inspiration

    In this post we have added some Beautiful 3D character Model for your inspiration. which are created with powerful 3D softwares tools like Maya, 3DsMax, ZBrush, Softimage and other 3D softwares tools and plugins. Related Post : Incredible & Stunning Fantasy 3D Fantasy CG Girl Artworks for your inspiration | Beautiful 3D character Model designs for your inspiration Please give us your opinion.  We are always interested in hearing your thoughts. Your feedback/comments is valuable to us and will help us improve your online experience at our blog.      ...

  • Stunning-chalkboard-Character-animation-By-EyeBelieve-CGfrog-Banner
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    Stunning Chalkboard Character Animation By EyeBelieve

    EyeBelieve is a multi-disciplinary creative content production team set up to experiment and push creative boundaries across the film, commercial, broadcast and new media. With over a decade of ideation and execution experience, our award-winning directors, designers and visual effects artists work very closely with agencies, production houses, film directors and clients from initial idea to completion or at any point in between. Chalk Character Illustrations are one of the best project of EyeBelieve. Working closely together with film director...

  • Animated-Glitter-Graphics-Part-1
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    Animated Glitter Graphics Part – 1

    In this post we have showcased a large collection of animated Glitter gif images for your inspiration. most of the animated gifs are take more time to load. It may take up bandwidth, memory, often need time until the animation becomes a fluid movement. Please give us your opinion. See All : Amazing Photographic Animated gif’s                                                        ...

  • 30 Business Creative Card Ideas
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    30 Business Creative Card Ideas For Your Inspiration

    Business Creative Card Ideas: No matter which business you are in, business card will play a important role especially when having business communications with potential clients. There’s crazy amount of competition on the internet, and it is not easy to make your business stand apart from the competition. Everyone is trying innovative ways of attracting and retaining the attention of the customers. There are so many business men puzzle their brains to work out unique business cards. Here we have...

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