Difference between Vector & Bitmap (Vector Vs Bitmap)

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Vector Vs Bitmap: Collections of pixels that make up an image. Which are vector based, often used to distinguish images, which are pixel based as compared to ones.

What is Bitmap?

A bitmap (sometimes called raster image) uses a set of pixels on a fixed grid (map) to define an image. Hence, the term bitmap. Bitmap or raster graphic not scalable. What your output is when using most paint programs. They are composed of individual picture elements, or “pixels”. When viewed from a distance appears to form a complete image. You can tell if you are looking at a raster image by the extension on the file name. .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .png, .tga, .tif are the most common raster image file name extensions.  Read this: Know Your File Types: When to use jpg, gif & png

What is Vector:

A vector uses a set of points based on a formula that is used to define an image (its strokes and fill colors). A vector graphic can be scalable without loss of quality. Contain geometric information that describes the object and enables you to manipulate the dimensions and other properties of the object (such as the surface material that covers it and the motion that is applied to it). Popular vector file formats are .ai, .cdr, .dwg (drawing format), .svg, .eps, and .pdf

Note: .eps file format can contain both bitmap (.jpg, .gif, .png) and vector data is being replaced by the PDF format.

Vector Vs Bitmap:

Vector Vs Bitmap, Jpg, Raster

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