Photo Retouching by Maxasabin View Full Post

This Russian Photoshop Master’s Retouching Skills Will Blow Your Mind (with Step by Step gif)

Photo Retouching: A Russian-based Photoshop expert Max Asabin. layers multiple images on top of each other, and seamlessly melds them together to create one incredible visual. He does this by trimming the edges of each foreground photo, adding shadows...

diy-low-cost-cosplay-anucha-saengchart-Titanic View Full Post

Cheap Cosplay Guy Strikes Again With Low-Cost Costumes From Household Objects

Anucha “Cha” Saengchart starter doing low cost cosplay guy 3 years ago to entertain the elderly in retirement home where he works. He and his friends continue to amaze us with creative costume ideas. Keep on scrolling to take a...

Shit-&-Fck-Mauro-Gatti-Turned-The-2-Most-Popular-Swear-Words-Into-Art View Full Post

The 2 Most Popular Swear Words “Shit & Fck” Turned Into Art by Mauro Gatti

Ever since Mauro Gatti touched to california from italy, designer and illustration artist Mauro Gatti has needed to “celebrate the two most famous swear words of all” as you’ll have guessed, they’re namely “shit” and “fck”. Giving a risible...

Dorota Pankowska Creates 13 Animals Artwork Out of 13 Perfect Circles View Full Post

Dorota Pankowska Creates 13 Animals Artwork Out of 13 Perfect Circles

Dorota Pankowska was inspired by the simplicity of the twitter logo, which was actually created out of 13 circles. She decided to create the same with other animals with only 13 circles. “Only 13 circles, she has doubt most of...

Food-Mash-up-By-Martin Roller View Full Post

Daily Need Objects Cleverly Mash-up By Martin Roller

A German artist Martin Roller constructs cleverly mash-up of objects in hilarious and astonishing ways in his body of work. He Takes and found object from the street market of Berlin, Martin Roller photographs interesting mash-ups of daily use...

11-Differences-in-Clever-Illustrations-Between-Copywriters,-Art-Directors-and-Developers View Full Post

11 Differences in Clever Illustrations Between Copywriters, Art Directors and Developers

1. The brush   2. The file   3. Starts from scratch   4. The colors   5. The software   6. Things that piss them off   7. Back in the day   8. What time they leave...

Incredible-and-stunning-Daenerys-Targaryen-Portrait-Using-Salt View Full Post

An artist creates stunning portraits using kitchen salt

Norway based a Croatian tattoo artist Dino Tomic creates stunning portraits, The whole portrait here was done using nothing else but normal kitchen salt! 🙂 Its Really interesting and fun medium to work with. It really resembles airbrushing (He...

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