• The Master of Retouching Christophe Huet
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    The Master of Retouching Christophe Huet

    The Master of Retouching: Christophe Huet composites computer generated art and photography in order to melt the barrier between waking life and the dream world within his wonderfully surreal advertisements. Christophe Huet is what we are all about at Creative Tempest, having no reservations on your imagination, and that is why he is our second featured artist of the week. and Please give us your opinion. Don’t Miss: Powerful Tips, Tricks, & Features of Photoshop Tips for Beginner:  How to Retouching Skin How to Cut Out...

  • Photo Retouching by Maxasabin
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    This Russian Photoshop Master’s Retouching Skills Will Blow Your Mind (with Step by Step gif)

    Photo Retouching: A Russian-based Photoshop expert Max Asabin. layers multiple images on top of each other, and seamlessly melds them together to create one incredible visual. Don’t Miss: 20+ Best Before and After Photoshop Workflow What Photoshop is capable of doing in the right hands. He does this by trimming the edges of each foreground photo, adding shadows and highlights, and adjusting the overall color to make it look extra realistic. With this technique, he can easily transport anyone into...

  • Photo Retouching works
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    Best Portrait Photo Retouching works by Regina Pagles

    Best Portrait Photo Retouching by Regina Pagles: A New York-based Headshot photographer Regina Pagles and her husband both are having interest and passion in photography and photo retouching. Regina Pagles ever since she was a child, she loved photography and her first photo was taken in her dad’s camera. We have gathered the most fabulous collection of Portrait Photo Retouching masterpieces of Regina Pagles. Go ahead and be inspired. Don’t Miss: The Master of Retouching Christophe Huet This Russian Photoshop Master’s Retouching Skills...

  • dad creates crazy photoshop with son
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    Photoshop Expert Dad Creates Crazy Images With His Son (25+ Images)

    Do you remembered the crazy antics of the 6-year-old self? Do you remember childhood photos your parents pull out every time your girlfriend comes over? or you’ve ridden on an airplane’s wings high up in the blue sky, soaring over clouds with your childhood friend. No? but it’s possible just because his dad is a Photoshop expert. He is incredibly skilled in composition, photography and digital manipulation work. Digital photo manipulation is a technique which is used to create an...

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    A Photoshop Genius a New Kind of Magician Martín De Pasquale

    Martín De Pasquale, is an artist and photoshop genius from Buenos Aires has a keen eye for taking everyday life and constructing it into abstract art. The Argentinean artist uses a layer technique of combining a sequence of photographs with various photoshop elements and layers them together to create a stunning visual masterpiece with help of poser, 3D max tools. Check out more of Martín’s work here. List of Best Photoshop Manipulation Work of Martín De Pasquale:

  • Dog-Photomanipulations-by-Sebastian-Magnani-cgfrog-com–banner
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    Photo Manipulations by Sebastian Magnani

    Photo Manipulations by Sebastian Magnani: Sebastian Magnani took a great deal of pictures of dogs and their humans in a a series he called “Underdog”. Not surprisingly, most of the dogs resemble their owners, or maybe vice versa. All it took was a little bit of clever digital manipulation, a couple of wigs, and viola: a human-canine look-alike. I must admit, I’m partial to the canine versions – probably because they’re fluffier. When asked about the project, Sebastoian said: “It...

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