Excellent Portrait Artworks Created by CorelDRAW

Designers who are interested in vector design mostly prefer Adobe Illustrator and we know that Adobe Illustrator is widely known as the industry standard.
We know many designers migrated to Adobe Illustrator from Corel but this doesn’t mean that Corel lost all its popularity. It is still used in a wide range and you can also create gorgeous art works with Corel products.Personally,i like portraits so much created in vector form and in this post i want to show you great examples of portrait art which are all created by Corel Draw family of products.

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1.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 2.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 3.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 4.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 5.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 6.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 7.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 8.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 9.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 10.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 11.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 12.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 13.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 14.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 15.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 16.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 17.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 18.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 19.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 20.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 21.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 22.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 23.Corel-draw-portrait-cgfrog-com 24.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 26.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 33.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 34.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 35.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 36.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 37.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 38.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 39.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 40.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 41.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 42.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 43.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 44.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 45.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 46.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 47.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 48.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com 49.Coreldraw-portrait-cgfrog-com

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