• As a Graphic Designer How to Work From Home
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    How to Work From Home: Ideas for Graphics Designer

    How to Work From Home: Starting any business can be a challenging, Graphic design is a way to communicate visually with people. Graphic Design is one of the careers that allows you to work from home. There are a couple of ways you can become a successful graphic designer. One, you can get a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, visual communications, computer graphics, multimedia, illustration, advertising design, or industrial design. read this: The Profile of A Successful Graphic Designer. The second...

  • Client Vs Designer: The Life of a Frustrated Designer
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    Client Vs Designer: The Life of a Frustrated Designer

    This story is about the life of a frustrated designer, a designer who is stuck amidst the bitter realities of a designer’s life. The pros and cons of being in this industry deeply affect a designer. Irrespective of his skills, he has to some day or the other, face similar situations that are shown in this video below. As a result of this, he becomes a ‘frustrated designer’. I’m sure you must have seen Tom and Jerry! A client and...

  • Logo Design Books Every Designer Must Read
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    10+ Best Logo Design Books of 2018 Every Designer Must Read

    Working in a particular field for years gives one a whole lot of experience. But a little inspiration for sure triggers one’s designing streak even more. If you are a designer and looking for stimulation of that designing corner of your brain, here are some brilliant logo design books which will definitely inspire you to create some magical logo designs. A designer must try to avoid certain mistakes while creating a logo or any design for that matter. Reading these logo...

  • 30+ Best Useful Design Tips Every Graphic Designer Should See This
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    31 Best Design Tips Every Graphic Designer Should Know

    Best Useful Design Tips: All graphic designers should follow certain rules, and tips that can increase the visual appeal of their graphics. Branding and publishing professional work following the design tips will improve every designer’s output for sure. Poppie Pack who worked as a senior graphic designer at Canva has illustrated 50 beautiful graphics with design tips to make you a better designer. We’ve selected best 31 out of the lot to share with you all. This time is to Tweet and click...

  • 5 Golden Rules to Effective Designer - Client Feedback
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    5 Golden Rules to Effective Designer – Client Feedback

    5 Golden Rules to Effective Designer – Client Feedback: As being designer we all knows that design feedback is a very important part of the design process, but often we get distracted from our mission to create a great design during this part of the process by other topics. This infographic created by zillion designs explains what to do to get effective feedback between the designer and the client. Design feedback on the project that designers get the most frustrated about because...

  • Best Modern Logo Inspiration of Common English Verbs
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    Best Modern Logo Inspiration: 25 Clever Logos Of Common English Verbs

    Best modern logo inspiration created from common English verbs: A Madrid, Spain based creative designer Lucas Gil-Turner has come with a series of the modern logos for the 25 most commonly used everyday verbs from the Oxford English Dictionary. Lucas Gil-Turner has cleverly created illustrative and representative logos, in black and white color, for each verb. which tries to clearly transmit the meaning of the chosen words. Also Read: Simple Minimal Animal Logo Designs and Their Design Process Best Eye Logo Design for Your...

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