• TOP-10-Art-Design-Schools
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    Top 10 Art and Design Schools in the World

    As we enter the golden age of design in startups, highly talented user-interface and product designers are becoming ever more important. But which school is best suited to get you the design job you want? Over the past couple of months, Business Insider conducted a survey to find the top 25 design schools in the world. All of these schools are comparable in terms of academics, quality of staff, and amazing campuses. But what matters most is how valuable these...

  • Signature-Analysis-of-25-Most-Famous-Entrepreneurs-and-Their-Hidden-Meaning
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    25 Signatures of Famous Celebrity Entrepreneurs with their Hidden Meaning

    25 Signatures of Famous Celebrity Entrepreneurs with their Hidden Meaning: Here we’ve comes up with another interesting infographic post/article that uses handwriting analysis (graphology) to provide a glimpse into the personalities of 25 famous tech entrepreneurs. The list includes Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and more. Hope you like this. Don’t Miss: You’re Never Too Old to Start a New Business – Age Is Just a Number You Will Not Believe How These Famous...

  • Client always right poster I-DONT-LIKE-IT
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    The Client is Always Right Quotes Poster Series

    If you produce work for other people, you would probably have heard of the saying that “the client is always right” but is that really true? they can also make you feel devastated at the prospect of a ruined project. Sometimes, though, they can be really funny. Bristol-based designer and creative director Jonathan Quintin of STUDIOJQ has created a funny series of posters that feature some of the more ‘interesting’ things he has been asked by his clients. If you...

  • Are You Still Pronouncing These 30 Brand Names Incorrectly-
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    Are You Still Pronouncing These 30 Brand Names Incorrectly?

    Have you ever been in a spoken communication and been shocked at how somebody pronounced a particular word? Well, it happens with brand names too, even the most globally recognizable brands of them. whether it’s how you heard it pronounced before and assumed that it was correct, or whether you just guessed when you 1st saw the brand, most of us have in all probability mispronounced one brand or another at some point. If you do not suppose you have,...

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    You Will Not Believe How These Famous Brands Got Their Names

    Most people don’t realize how famous brands got their names. As an everyday consumer we just use these products without thinking twice. Every brand has their story of how they came to be and of the people that took the first steps in creating a product or service. We’ve taken the time to research all of these famous brands. We hope these infographic posters will really amazed you. So let’s seem below and feel free to share it with on social networks....

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