• 30 Surprising Ambigram Logo Design Examples
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    30 Surprising Ambigram Logo Design Examples

    Ambigram Logo Design: In order to make a logo stand out from the crowd, a designer has to make a creative approach to its creation. One technique employed in logo designs is the use of ambigrams. An ambigram is a typographical design that can be read as one or more words when turned, mirrored or displayed from various points of direction, they play with optical illusions, symmetry, and visual perception. Some ambigrams feature a relationship between their form and their...

  • A-film-exploring-the-HARMONIC-function-through-kinetic-drawing,-dance-&-sound
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    A film exploring the HARMONIC function through kinetic drawing, dance & sound

    Bending in fluid motions with a piece of charcoal in her hands, Heather Hansen, a contemporary performance artist, and dancer in New Orleans, becomes one with the big paper canvas. She twists with such grace and genuineness, that she creates beautifully rough symmetrical shapes and patterns. She’s literally transposing her moves onto the paper. Part dance and part performance art, the kinetic drawings are a way for Hansen to merge her love for visual art and dance into a unified...

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    Amazing Art of Eye Make-up Shadows by Scarlet Moon

    Girls, as you know, make-up has done a lot for the women since ages, no matter how poor or rich a woman really is. At some point of their lifes, they take-out their magic make up kits and eye shadows to emphasis their beauty and attraction. Make up has never grown crippled in the world of women and it never will. Even if some use less make-up, neither of them can live without it. In some way or another, it’s...

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