Test Your Color Matching Skills With This Difficult Quiz

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How good are you in color matching skills?  Here is a Game to know how you are good to match colors. So we would not counsel playing this game if you’ve a large experience of work on your plate, because it’s an easyway to excise twenty minutes from your life in no time at all. however if you would like to learn something, and may be improve your skill set, then this can be the perfect game for you. then let us to introduce you to Kolor.


Kolor is a color matching game, and it’s absolutely free, so there isn’t any need to worry about in-app purchases or anything else. you start with four color circles situated at the bottom of the window, with a large bar of color running above them. you’ve got to guess what color the four circles matches the bar, and initially, it’s pretty easy. then again they add 2 additional colors, and then another 2, and currently the distinction between the bar and the swatches is pretty minimal, making it pretty difficult to match out what’s what. you’ve got twenty rounds to go through, and you are timed, so no pressure. Via creativemarket

Test Your Color Matching Skills With This Difficult Quiz







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