Types of Graphic Designers: Like all other artists, graphic designers have distinguished characteristics and interests which are also reflected in their designs. Since every person has varied skills and abilities, a different perspective; these differences exist. There are different types of designers. Some are dreamers, while some have a signature something in all their designs. See: 52 Reasons Not to Date or Marry a Designer.

Let us have a look at the funny list we have compiled for you all to have a good laugh between your serious work. We will all relate to these for sure.

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1. The Hash Tag Goon

Types of Graphic Designers Hash Tag Goon

2. The Critic

Types of Graphic Designers The Critic

This logo could have been better! Read this Top 5 Logo Design Mistakes To Avoid

3. The Activist

Types of Graphic Designers Comic Sans

Say No to #ComicSans  #BanComicSans See: Meet the Man Behind Comic Sans

4. The Welfare Worker

Types of Graphic Designers Welfare Worker

Volunteering is good… but working for free is a strict no-no!! Read this: Say No to Free Designs

5. The Social Bug

Types of Graphic Designers Social Always Online

6. The Coffee Addict

Types of Graphic Designers Coffee Addict

I want my coffee! See: Were You Born to Be a Designer? Recognise Yourself

7. The 3D God

Types of Graphic Designers 3D GoD

He named his kids Maya and Max.

8. The Helvetica Enthusiast

Types of Graphic Designers Helvetica Lover

9. The Doodler

Types of Graphic Designers The Doodler

10. The Advice Seeker

Types of Graphic Designers Advice Seeker

Hey, buddy! How does this look??


Yes… we said 10, But this 11th type of designer is me…

11. The Night Owl

Types of Graphic Designers Night Owl

7 am – Sleepy, 10 am – Sleepy, 1 pm – Sleepy, 6 pm – Sleepy, 9 pm – Sleepy, 1 am – Sleepy, 3 am – Sleepy… But I hardly get to sleep!! See: 17 Habits of a Bad Graphic Designer.

PS – Do comment below and let us know what type of a designer are you.

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