Graphic design principles and elements

What Makes Good Design? Basic Elements and Principles

Today, mostely freelancers and non-professional designers are using visual tools to jump start his career in design field. If you are looking to improve your skills of design, now your search is over. This hosted article will not only improve your knowledge of design, it will go further by explaining...

18 Rules For Using Text In Your Work

18 Rules for Using Text for Designing

Whether you’re a graphic designer or web designer, the use of typography can be confusing : which font do you choose, and what size? If you are building a campaigns, writing a ebooks, design a magazine, creating infographics or if there’s text in your design, follow the rules in this infographic and...


The Ultimate Adobe CC Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Designers are designers. Designer love keyword shortcuts and always looks to new cheat sheet. We have featured here a useful cheat sheet that will come in handy the next time you’re editing files in Adobe CC programs : Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. Blow useful infographic is Created by, in this infographic you find over...


Infographic: The Psychology of Color

The color is an important part of visual communication as it affects the psychology of the observer, Color plays a major role in our visual perceptions and our reactions to things. We’ve already hosted an infographic on Color Preferences Based On Age And Gender. Blow infographic which created by Tech...


Infographic: 15 Inspirational Quotes To Stoke Your Design Pursuits

DesignMantic, which previously created killer steps of how to become a killer designer this year, is back with an Infographic which compiled by inspirational quotes. Created to stoke your creativity, the infographic features enlightening words from experienced designers and leaders such as Steve Jobs, Milton Glaser, and Massimo Vignelli. Also check previously...

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