Designers Vs Non-Designers, Both are Things Differently

Photoshop-designer and non-designer thinking
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Non-Designers see things a little differently from designers. Caisa Nilaseca has created a design series for DesignTAXI. In this series you’ll find how designer and non-designer things completely different. For example, to them, a well-designed brochure is considered a ‘treasure’ while non-designers simply think and see it as ‘trash’. Via : DesignTAXI

Latest update : We have compile PART 2 Series : Designers Vs Regular Peoples, Both are Things Differently 

Photoshop-designer and non-designer thinking

Other such things or words that are looked at differently are illustrated by Caisa Nilaseca for DesignTAXI in this series. croll down to check out the rest below:


designer and non-designer thinking

designer and non-designer thinking

designer and non-designer thinking

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