We are designers, we are not Gods!! There are some designer problems which are unsaid. But every designer surely knows and can even relate to these.

“ We are no other than a moving row Of Magic Shadow-shapes that come and go Round with the Sun-illumined Lantern held In Midnight by the Master of the Show. ”

-Omar Khayyam.

We Are Designers, We Are Not Gods:

Designers are creators. All the wonderful designs over the billboards, on the packaging of various products, etc. are all given to us by our designers.

The industry is vast, and so is the number of clients. We have been talking so much about the different kinds of designers, but there are also different kinds of clients.

With each day, new opportunities creep in. A designer has to face so many different kinds of clients, so many designer problems. There are clients who are too demanding, there are clients who exactly know what they want. There are clients who have unreal expectations and there are also clients who are super cooperative.

As result to which, a designer has to face numerous criticisms. They have to face so many unhappy clients, their ignorant demands, and expectations.

However, a designer must learn to handle these criticisms in a very positive and a healthy way in order to make sure that their productivity does not get affected negatively.

The Fact

A designer is a human being who cannot predict a client’s requirements without proper briefing. You know, there are also instances, when a client asks a designer to make something good but he is himself not sure of what exactly he wants. Thus, it is important for a client and a designer to brainstorm with each other to understand the needs well. It is also a designer’s responsibility to clearly understand the requirements.


One of the biggest designer problems is the unreal expectations of the clients. And a hilarious one is when a client asks you to make the black more black. But, on a serious note, every profession has a downside; just like designing has one.

Designer problems and their solutions

Designers are problem-solvers by nature. The most crucial part of their job is, in fact, to identify the client’s problems and provide the best and the most appropriate solution to them. Every project and every new opportunity come as a problem or a challenge to the designer.

The designers need to see through all the clutter and fog to create the best solution for his client.

A designer should be quick, alert and on-point. He needs to be on his toes always.


A designer is an adventurous person basically because he experiences fun through his challenges. When a client approaches a designer, he seeks a solution from him; a solution that could fulfill all his designing requirements.

When a designer/freelancer is focused, he also tends to get more clients. He should be adept in the art of convincing in order to be successful and also in communicating his modus operandi to the client. There should be a proper two-way communication between them.

The designer needs to know the client really well and build a strong bond with him in order to be able to provide what exactly he seeks, a solution!

Designs are simple as well as complex, but they all are a creation of designers after all.

I’m just trying to fuel that thought in you, Frog! There are people who are blessed with the artistic streak in them. And you can also master the art by constant practice.


Every being is creative in their own way, but not every person is a designer. Creation is a continuous process, a process that involves love for your work, sincerity, honesty, dedication, and knowledge. A person who is the best combination of these traits is a designer in the true sense. A person who overcomes all designer problems is a designer in the true sense.

After God creates the world, it is sensibly crafted by different designers to make it a place worth living. So, designers are humans with great abilities. They are humans with great vision and who put in all the possible efforts to deliver their best into their projects. Even after leaving no stone unturned, a designer cannot accommodate everyone under that one roof. They have to be the solution Autobots for the clients but after all, they are not Gods.


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