10+ GIFs Animation That Summing Up Famous Actors Careers

famous actor's careers-animated-gifs
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Digital artist Prasad Bhat is additionally a movie buff – for a moment currently he’s been paying tribute to celebrity actors and the roles they play, by putt their whole careers into these couple-seconds-long animated GIFs.

For his project “The Evolution”, Prasad uses his drawing skills and Adobe illustrator to make a series of fast GIFs, that show actors in their most known famous roles.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks and the rest of these Hollywood Supernovas are already waiting for you in the gallery below.

More info: graphicurry | behance | facebook (h/t: demilked)

Johnny Depp-Animated-Gifs
Johnny Depp
Jim Carrey-Animated-Gifs
Jim Carrey
Leonardo Dicaprio-Animated-Gifs
Leonardo Dicaprio
Will Ferrell-Animated-Gifs
Will Ferrell
Tom Hanks-Animated-Gifs
Tom Hanks
Sacha Baron Cohen-Animated-Gifs
Sacha Baron Cohen
Robert De Niro-Animated-Gifs
Robert De Niro
Matt Damon-Animated-Gifs
Matt Damon
Jack Black-Animated-Gifs
Jack Black
Christian Bale-Animated-Gifs
Christian Bale
Arnold Schwarzenegger-Animated-Gifs
Arnold Schwarzenegger

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10+ GIFs Animation That Summing Up Famous Actors Careers