52 More Reasons Not to Date or Marry a Designer: Every individual has their set of good and bad traits. But designers, they have a whole lot of designing traits; traits which otherwise normal people wouldn’t understand. It is difficult to understand the mindset of a designer. Understanding this truth these things to know before you date (or marry) a designer; We had published an earlier version of this article named 52 Reasons Not to Date or Marry a Designer.

Designer Says:

52 More Reasons Not to Date or Marry a Designer

Designers are weird people. They are obsessed with designing. They are so much into it (like 24*7) that they cannot think of it. Designers are ‘difficult’ people to handle. Read this: Designers Top Irritating Moments.

Reasons Not to Date or Marry a Designer

Designers can be cute and charming but only when you take out designing from them.

(Lol! Don’t feel bad designers because we know that you work too hard. It is your mastermind behind all the colorful and beautiful designs that we see around us…)

Some designers are absolutely undateable. Want to know why??

Here is a list of 52 more reasons not to date or marry a designer

As previous article many of them are fairly true, see below 52 more reasons not to date or marry a designer, What has been your experience?

1. They over-analyze everything.

2. Suddenly they will snatch the chips packet from your hand and start analyzing the packaging.

3. These Creative beings eat design, sleep design, walk design and talk design…

4. They don’t have much time to spend with you.

5. The designers talk about other designers whose name most of us might not have heard.

6. Buying gifts for them is actually impossible.

7. They poke their nose in everything and flaunt their designing skills.

8. Everything for them has to be perfect always.

9. Collecting scrap is a habit of a designer. They think that they would reconstruct something from it, but it never happens.

10. Buying all weird stuff which normal people wouldn’t even understand.

11. They will rib their jeans and doodle on it. You can feel awkward walking around with them at times.

12. A designer can never finish their work, and never finish it on time.

13. A designer consults everyone but never listens to them.

14. They get up suddenly in the middle of the night from nowhere and start working on their computers.

15. A designer is always lost in his designing world.

16. Nail-biting is a habit, and they can bite yours too.

17. Their mind works wonders only after a puff.

18. A creative designer stares strangely at the walls as if a design will pop out from there.

19. Since they hate Comic Sans, they will never even visit a place which uses it in their branding.

20. The designers only drink “Carlsberg” whenever they are thirsty.

21. Think twice before doing a handshake with them because they dig their nose.

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