Hello, all! We’re back with yet another post and this time we’re talking about Graphic Design Tips for Social Media.

A person’s news feed is flooded with hundreds of posts in a day. What is it that will make him stop by and read a particular post or react to it??

It is the design!

Yes, a person who has hundreds of posts every day on his feed will be very selective. It is important to create posts which stand out of the crowd and which also look attractive. The posts must be able to grab a person’s attention. So here are 6 most important Graphic Design tips for social media.

Here is The Best Graphic Design Tips for Social Media:

Choice of Text Colors

Graphic Design Tips for Social Media Users Choice of Text Colors

The readability of the text largely depends on the color as well. Using the right colors for the font also gives us a beautiful output. It is good to use a light colored font with a dark background and vice versa. The choice of color also varies with the age of the client which a designer must keep in mind. It is best to use contrast to make the text stand out. See this infographic: This Psychology of Color.

Selecting the Right Font

Graphic Design Tips for Social Media UsersSelecting the Right Font

Choosing the right font palette is the art of arranging type to make the text legible and more appealing to the eyes when displayed. This will help you to create the best and the most impressive output. Selecting an appropriate font every time is the best way to ensure consistency. The font for the heading must be bold, while the one used for the subtitles and body should be simple and small.

Read this: 10 Golden Rules to Combining Fonts

No Naked Images

Graphic Design Tips for Social Media Users No Naked Images

Images are a vital part of any design. Images which are not well defined are not attractive either. Thus, to make an image bag all the attention and to give it a professional look, it is important to use grids and frames. The designs look good by adding some order to them as well.

Power of Simplicity

Graphic Design Tips for Social Media Users Power of Simplicity

The key to an appealing design is to keep it plain and simple. Cluttering your design with too many elements can make it look fuller and can appear hotchpotch. Following the principle of ‘KISS (Keep it simple, stupid)’ try to incorporate the minimum and only mandatory information and graphics in your design.

Choose The Right Dimensions

Graphic Design Tips for Social Media Users Choose The Right Dimensions

It is very important to choose the right dimension/size of the image. Keeping in mind the requirements of different platforms, an image must be chosen. If not done carefully, this may lead to getting a cropped or an incomplete image or graphic.

Choosing The Right Color Scheme

Graphic Design Tips for Social Media Users Choosing The Right Color Scheme

The color plays a major role in the final output plus it is also an important part of the visual communication. A color affects a person’s psychology, his emotions, his understanding and his reactions to a particular design. Thus it is important to choose the right kind of color scheme which is able to gauge the right kind of reactions of the audiences. See this infographic: This Psychology of Color.


The above mentioned graphic design tips for social media will definitely be helpful if taken a note of. However, it is advisable for the designer or the user to be updated about the changes in the user interface of different social media platforms and design accordingly. This will save time that the rectification may take and will also give the best output.

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