Designer Tips: Daily Routine to Boost Your Creativity – Follow it to Succeed

Daily Routine to Boost Your Creativity - Follow it to Succeed

Do you have a routine similar to your partner? Are you aware that a good routine can increase productivity? Is there a special routine to boost your creativity?

The answer is yes. No two people have the exact same routine and personality. There is a lot of difference in the way one approaches even the simplest of things that we do every day.

It is not that there is any rule of thumb to be followed regarding the same. And especially when you are in a creative field, your mind needs to be free from any stress and worries. Having tensions can hamper your designs and also your productivity. But incorporating certain things in your routine may definitely give a spark to your creative streak. Following these might be a little difficult at the beginning, but once you make a routine, rest is assured. Try incorporating the points mentioned below in your routine to boost your creativity.

Daily Routine to Boost Your Creativity

Start Your Morning the Night Before


It is good to minimize your workload for the morning. It is best to start the next day, the previous night itself by preparing your meals in advance, by selecting the clothes to be worn the next day, by keeping all documents and other necessary things well arranged. This pre-game ritual helps you to be ready for the battle the next day!

Adequate Sleep

Routine to Boost Your Creativity

It is very important to have adequate sleep. This for sure improves productivity. A sleep deprived person is low on concentration, is frustrated and also lacks the creativity required. Taking a good night’s sleep keeps the person fresh, healthy and also creative.

Dispel The Snooze Button

Routine to Boost Your Creativity

I’m sure none of us are a fan of the sound; that alarm clock, asking us to leave our beds every morning. It is rather good to wake up naturally. Let the light come into your room and give you the warmth and freshness of the new day. Ditch the sleep/snooze button; I feel it is nothing more than encouraging one to be lazy early morning.

Workout for the Mind and the Body


Not just the designers, I would even suggest the non designers follow this routine to boost your creativity. Practice yoga every day to keep your mind and your body fit. Meditation is also one technique which enhances one’s productivity by giving clarity to the thoughts. Doing physical exercise helps one to avoid the health problems which the designers normally face.

Eat Well

Habits to Boost Your Creativity

Everyone needs a meal which could well satiate them. Eating inadequate may lead to decreased energy levels which also hamper one’s creativity and productivity in turn. Thus, eat something which keeps you healthy and also serves as an energy store for you.

Bathe Well

Routine to Boost Your Creativity

Pampering yourself by taking a fresh water bath also helps in rejuvenating one’s lost physical as well as mental wellness. It also makes you feel fresh throughout the day. Thus, incorporate this habit into your routine to boost your creativity.

Prioritize Your Work


You might have a lot of things to do in a day and not having a record of which could be chaotic. So it is good to schedule everything as per the priority. This will help you to stay organized and also not miss on to any important task.

Keep Yourself Well Hydrated

Habits to Boost Your Creativity

Drinking lots of fluids are always advisable. And especially when your brain is at work 24*7, you need to keep it cool. The best and the most natural way to do this is to keep you well hydrated. Let the water do it all.

Develop Good Habits

Routine to Boost Your Creativity

There are a couple of bad habits to be avoided by all. It is good to develop good habits like proper communication with the client, healthy competition, not losing your calm when asked to do revisions etc. this will also lead to better outputs and improved relationship with the clients.

Give Yourself a Break

Habits to Boost Your Creativity

Wow, this is my favorite which is to be incorporated into the routine to boost your creativity. Give yourself a much-needed break while you’re continuously on work. A short break for your eyes, your hands, your back and most importantly your brain will definitely increase your productivity. But it is also significant that one must not take a liberty on this and waste a lot of time. A little bending and stretching between long and continuous hours of sitting are advisable.

Positive Mindset


Another important thing to be included in one’s routine to boost your creativity is to have a positive attitude. A positive attitude helps you to stay calm and think well. This also helps you to concentrate well on your work thereby increasing the productivity.

Follow This Religiously

If you follow your routine religiously without making many changes every day which may also lead to the shortage of time, you are sure to have everything under your control. Your life will become smooth and happy. You will also experience better output in terms of productivity, happy clients, growth etc.

And Finally…

I know that it is difficult to get up one fine day and try to incorporate all these at once, but I would suggest you to take it slow and be persistent. Bringing one of these each day to your routine would take just a month for you to incorporate all these tips into your routine to boost your creativity.

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