Designer vs Client: The Differences to Show Why They Will Never Understand Each Other

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Designer Vs Client: Designers and clients will never be friends. There is a huge difference between designers and clients view, Designers and clients see differently that a conflict is only a question of time. A design resource providing website Pixelo has illustrated this, “Designer Vs Client” made a witty animation that lists the things that cause the biggest disagreements of each other.  It hits the very core of the problematic relationship between designer and client.

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Designer vs Client (Differences):

1. Typeface

Designer Vs Client

2. Programs

Designer Vs Client

3. Contrast

Designer Vs Client

4. Goal

Designer Vs Client

5. Photoshop

Graphic Designer vs Client

6. Fuel

Graphic Designer vs Client

7. Role


8. Colors


9. Font


10. Image Source

Designer Vs Client

Video: Designer vs Client

Graphic Designer Vs Client

Graphic Designer Vs Client

Posted by Pixelo on Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Courtesy: Pixelo


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  1. Clients basically loose all their money when they tell designers and illustrators to work that way. But that’s all good, it makes it easier on the job for us. They can pay how ever much they want and if they want it dumbed down, let it be.


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