• Be an Entrepreneur
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    You’re Never Too Old to Start a New Business – Age Is Just a Number

    Be an entrepreneur: Age is just a number. You’re never too old to start up your own venture. Here’s a super dose of some real motivation for our readers. We’ve compiled a list of some famous entrepreneurs and their age at which they became famous; some of them after several attempts, which we hope will be inspiring for you all! Don’t miss: Signature Analysis of 25 Most Famous Entrepreneurs and Their Hidden Meaning It’s Never Too Late to Start a New Business...

  • How to Make Your Blog Post Go Viral
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    How to Make Your Blog Post Go Viral (21 Step-by-Step Guide)

    How to Make Your Blog Post Go Viral (21 Step-by-Step Guide): We all knows that there is no magic involved to make your blog post to go viral. In fact: According to research, viral content tends to contain specific elements that push people to share. That’s it. Content is king and always works. But to go viral, they need to be awesome. infographic source: backlinko Don’t Miss: What is a Backlink, 4 Killer Backlink Methods to Boost SEO Rank Who Needs a Job?...

  • Tale of Freelancing Boon or Bane?
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    Tale of Freelancing Boon or Bane? (Infographic)

    Freelancing Boon or Bane: Either designer or from another field we always thought freelancing is a great line to explore – haven’t you? Here are 7 aspects that may urge you think twice before taking up freelancing as a profession. Santosh Kushwaha who is a freelancer has created an infographic to think before start work as a freelancer. Absolute flexibility – Is that what you thought? Ready to mix work with family life? Are you expecting a care-free vacation? Have they...

  • Infographic: What Is the Golden Ratio in Design
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    Infographic: What Is the Golden Ratio in Design

    What Is the golden ratio in Design: Including Pyramids of Giza and Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting to leading brand like Apple, Pepsi, National Geographic etc. They all have one simple concept and rule in common that golden ratio. Want to be on the same creative level as they have? What Is the Golden Ratio The golden ratio is a mathematical ratio. Golden ratio commonly found in nature, and when used in design. The golden ratio describes the perfectly symmetrical...

  • 5 Golden Rules to Effective Designer - Client Feedback
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    5 Golden Rules to Effective Designer – Client Feedback

    5 Golden Rules to Effective Designer – Client Feedback: As being designer we all knows that design feedback is a very important part of the design process, but often we get distracted from our mission to create a great design during this part of the process by other topics. This infographic created by zillion designs explains what to do to get effective feedback between the designer and the client. Design feedback on the project that designers get the most frustrated about because...

  • Graphic Design The Principles of Design
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    Graphic Design The 6 Principles of Design

    Graphic Design The Principles of Design: Principle applied to the elements of design that bring them together into a design. Follow these design principles and improve your knowledge of design, it will go further by explaining the principles read this: What Makes Good Design? Basic Elements and Principles of Design. Read this to avoid ugly designs The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly? Either you design a Logo, Brochure, Flyer etc and we want good design than we should follow design principle religiously read...

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