If you are a logo designer, then you have a difficult option to design a logo. Should you follow the logo style trend in the industry? Or should they try to isolate themselves?

For many years, logo design has widely followed extensive trends based on market studies. Researchers have asked the question about what type of scenes are most liked for the girls of 18-25 years? What color schemes do you like for people living in the US. Apart from this, what factors contribute to the appeal of some designs on others?

SurveyMonkey & Infographic Design Maker Venngage was surveyed on more than 1000 adults living in the United States, the most trusted people on which of those genre genres. And in this survey, respondents were shown a series of logos for fictitious companies in six different industries: Retail Jewelry, Education, Financial Services, Law Firm, News / Media and Technology

Six surveys of each logo were presented in this survey, in which the major ones are: icon head, text head, filled, outline, horizontal and only icon The following infographic is the result of those questions asked by the respondents.

Infographic: What Logo Styles Do Consumers Trust Most?

In this survey, researchers from the respondents have asked the question:

  • Do men and women like different logo styles?
  • Do people of different age groups prefer different logo styles?
  • Do people of different areas like different logo styles?
  • Are some people styling more reliable than others?
  • When a logo selects a style, how much of these demographic factors does it matter?
Logo Design Survey Infographic
Logo Design Survey Infographic by-venngage.com

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