Work for free..!! Ohh really ?! We at CGfrog absolutely do not support this work for free thing. For an artist or a designer, it is really hard to be at it and only a fellow designer would understand that (We do understand the pain it goes into designing even a simple graphic).

What is strange here is that people expect a designer or an artist to work for free. Would they themselves prefer working for nothing?

Should designer work for free?

Let us try a more practical approach…

The thing is… Have you ever asked a lawyer or a doctor to work for free?? Do you think they would do it?? Or have you ever asked them to work on credit basis?

Then why do we expect an artist or a designer to work without getting paid?

It takes a whole lot of technical know-how and rigorous practice to be able to stand up to the level where people want to work with you. It takes years of training and experience for a designer to get established. One thing is clear here, when someone approaches a designer or wants to work with an artist; the client values their work but don’t want to pay an amount worth their hard work. But they fail to realize that the value of the product or service that they seek diminishes if it is ordered for free. This is actually applicable to all products and services; if asked for free, the value decreases. Read also, These 10 bad habits are killing your productivity.

and Yes… it is an insult to a designer to ask him to work for free. Say no to free work

Wondering what a designer is offered in return of their designs or their creativity?

  • They are offered a very low remuneration, sometimes no pay at all, sometimes even negative. We say negative because a designer himself incurs a whole lot of cost into creating that design. So, it equates the pay to be negative!
  • An artist is offered a great exposure that the patrons think would come from using a designer’s creativity only. What an irony !!
  • A designer is offered a futuristic and a long term business relationship.
  • A freelancer is promised marketing through word of mouth (Which is absolutely not true and also not required here). The fact is that a client approaches a designer only after he is sure of his skills.

Despite all the skill, all the creativity a designer possesses; he is left empty handed in all the scenarios. Read this How to say no to the client and refuse bad projects.

There is a certain piece of advice that we would give to our fellow designers who definitely are worth it and deserve much more.

  • There is definitely a lot of difference between a collaboration and a freelance opportunity. Collaboration is where the work is mutually beneficial to both the parties. In this case, a designer can go for another approach. But in case of freelancing where the designer is only responsible for the designs and has no say, the pay should be comparatively higher.
    The designers should decide for themselves.
  • There should be a simple and a clear contract between the patrons and the designer to ensure the delivery of what is sought in both the cases.
  • Dear designers, please do not undersell your skills or yourself.
  • Maintain the right balance between the demand and the supply of your skill.

Advice to Potential Patrons…

Have some respect !!

Yes, please have some respect patrons. Do not undervalue or insult the designers by asking them to work for free.

We would turn the free ask down, all designers should.
Designers are people who live their love and passion for art and creativity.
Their work should be valued and well acknowledged in terms of monetary returns also.

Say no to free work !!

and Now see what happens if a designer asks you for free stuff!

A youtube channel Draw with Jazza has created an awesome camera prank, Watch below a Hidden camera prank if an artist asks for free stuff!

Once we must say again freelancer/designer or any artist should be paid.

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